Is Now Part of! Is Now Part of!

Founded in 2014, was a forum site created to give members a space to discuss their love of vaping.

Sadly, the original forum site became defunct in 2021. But now, the website is part of—a go-to resource for all things related to vaping. covered everything from user reviews and technical help to beginner guides and beyond, backed by a community of dedicated vapers who wanted to spread their e-cig knowledge around the globe.

The forum was a central hub for the vaping community, with a large number of resources and tutorials for new and experienced vapers alike. Backed by a large following of dedicated, expert vapers, the site was a true haven for e-cigarette users worldwide.

We here at the Vapour Hut hope to continue this tradition with in-depth articles covering everything vape-related, from tutorials and guides for beginners to vape news and industry developments from around the world. 




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