Are Elf Bar Vapes Safe?

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Are Elf Bar Vapes Safe?

As the popularity of vaping grows, one frequently asked question is, "Are Elf Bar vapes safe?" This article will tackle this question and offer insights into the safety and composition of Elf Bar vapes.

Elf Bar vapes have made their mark on the vaping scene due to their ease of use and variety of flavours. As with any vaping device, it’s crucial to understand their safety profile and use them responsibly ensuring you vape safe! 

So, if you’re wondering “are Elf Bar vapes safe?” we’ll take a closer look at their safety profile and put your mind at ease once and for all.

Vape Elf Bar Safely

Are Elf Bar vapes safer than other vapes?

Compared to traditional smoking, vaping is generally seen as less harmful, and Elf Bar vapes are no exception.

These disposable vape devices are designed for single use, thereby eliminating risks associated with repeated use or possible contamination allowing you to vape safely without concern.

Furthermore, they are just as safe as any other disposable vape available through trusted vape stores.

Is the Elf Bar 5000 safe?

The Elf Bar 5000 is a high-capacity disposable vape only availble outside of the UK and the EU; It doesn’t pose a greater risk than other vape devices, but it’s important to follow the product’s instructions and not attempt to refill or reuse it to ensure you vape safe. 

Is the Elf Bar 600 safe?

The Elf Bar 600 is a disposable vape with safety levels comparable to other vape products. Safe usage primarily depends on adhering to the device’s guidelines—which are clearly stated on both the packaging and Elf Bar’s company website.

Recently, an exposé found that a number of disposable vapes being sold in the UK were being overfilled. This included several flavours in the Elf Bar 600 range. Even so, the MHRA (the governing body responsible for overseeing vape regulations and imports) did not recall the devices from sale because they found that while they were breaching regulation, they were no less safe than any other disposable vapes on the market and did not pose any excess danger to consumers.

Elf Bar instead decided to voluntarily withdraw the non-compliant products from sale and promptly replaced them with compliant models. You can read more about the fiasco in our article: Overfilled Vapes Flood the UK in Jaw-Dropping Exposé.

How to vape a disposable safely

The key to vaping safely is proper usage. Disposables within the UK are designed to be used once and should not be tampered with or refilled, as doing so can lead to potential harm.

In other words, ensure you use the disposable as intended—which means simply inhaling on the mouthpiece as you would a cigarette, and when it’s finished, it’s finished. 

Are Elf Bar vapes safer than smoking?

Undoubtedly, yes. 

Cigarettes contain over 7,000 known chemicals, including toxic metals, poisonous gases, and over 70 carcinogens (chemicals which are known to cause cancer). 

Conversely, Elf Bars (and other vape products) do not contain the same harmful chemicals—and the ones it does contain are at levels hundreds of times lower than cigarettes. In fact, any chemicals present in vape liquids which could be classified as harmful are generally at lower levels than workplace exposure limits. 

Because of this, Elf Bars and other vapes are considered 95% safer than cigarettes.

Is vaping Elf Bar safer than smoking?

Health Benefits of Using an Elf Bar vs Smoking

While no vaping product can claim to be 100% safe, using an Elf Bar instead of a cigarette can reduce exposure to many harmful toxins present in tobacco smoke. There are plenty of reasons to believe that vaping is less harmful than smoking.

To back this up, the UK government states that vaping is 95% less harmful than combustible cigarettes.

What chemicals are in an Elf Bar vape?

Elf Bars contain a mixture of propylene glycol (PG), vegetable glycerin (VG), nicotine, and flavourings.

These four ingredients are generally safe to ingest, but some people might have reactions to certain components, such as PG.

If you are allergic to PG, we will cover alternatives later on in this article. As it should not stop you from vaping all together!

Are the chemicals inside Elf Bars harmful?

While less harmful than the numerous toxins in cigarette smoke, the chemicals in Elf Bars and other vapes are not entirely risk-free when inhaled.

This is mainly because anything other than air in your lungs can be considered “bad”; studies are still ongoing on how vaping directly correlates to health. Though I must state that all of the chemicals are made to be vaped and have been for many years; PG and VG are both common chemicals found in many different food and pharmaceutical products.

Why is my Elf Bar disposable making me cough?

Coughing when using your Elf Bar or other vape devices can be due to several reasons, including a reaction to PG, the nicotine level being too high, or quite simply that the coil is burnt.

Make sure it is definitely vaping that is making you cough, as there can be many reasons outside of the vape itself. For instance, if you are unwell, have a sore throat or chest, or similar, it is advisable to stop vaping until you fully recover.

In addition, those who have just switched to vaping from smoking may experience something called “Smoker’s Flu,” which causes uncomfortable symptoms and may last for several weeks.

A quick fix to your coughing issue is to try a lower nicotine level. If this still doesn’t work, the following steps might…

Are Elf Bars Harmful?

Am I Allergic to Elf Bars?

If you find yourself having a reaction while using Elf Bars, you may be reacting to the PG in the E-Liquid.

If that’s the case, you should stop using the product and consult a healthcare provider. But worry not!

There are alternatives! You can still vape and needn’t go back to smoking.

Alternatives If You Have PG Allergies

If you have a PG allergy, Frugi offers an excellent alternative, as their products are made with 100% VG, ensuring a smoother vaping experience without so many coughs. 

How to Know When Your Elf Bar is Burnt

If you are not allergic to the chemicals and your Elf Bar is relatively new, you could be experiencing a burnt vape.

A burnt vape is a common culprit for causing vapers to cough, as you are essentially heating up a bad coil. Thankfully there is an easy solution!

If you notice a burnt taste while vaping, it’s likely that the E-Liquid in your Elf Bar has been exhausted.

When this happens, it’s time to dispose of the device properly and get a new one. Or, look into getting yourself a reusable or refillable vape; with a reusable pod vape, you can simply replace the pod or coil. 


So, are Elf Bar vapes safe? Well, they’re safer than smoking by a mile. And they have the same safety profile as any other disposable or vape juice on the market.

If you experience any adverse reactions to PG, consider alternatives like Frugi.

Remember, stay safe while vaping by buying from good retailers, use the product as intended, and finally, if you have a cough from vaping that doesn’t go away, it’s best to consult a healthcare professional. 

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