Which Caliburn Pod Should I Buy?: Our Top 3 Faves

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Which Caliburn Pod Should I Buy?

Titan company Uwell's Caliburn pods remain best-sellers. Since 2018, the series has evolved across 10 different variations, each one improving and offering new features. In this article, we'll be discussing our top 3 favourites of the Caliburn series.

Late 2018 brought us the first Uwell Caliburn device – low-maintenance, slick, and easy-to-use. It redefined mouth-to-lung vaping, with its mouth-drawn activation relatively new to the vaping world. It was also one of the earliest devices to have pods that contain a built-in coil to make maintenance and care a breeze!

Since then, we’ve seen the Caliburn series evolve over the years, constantly changing and growing with vapers’ needs. There have been ten different Caliburn devices since the original, and not all of them continued to be manufactured. To help avoid this confusion and to help you narrow down the best device for you, we’ve picked our top 3 of the 10. 

Uwell Caliburn X Pod Kit

Uwell Caliburn X Pod Kit


  • Adjustable airflow & wattage
  • Dual activation modes
  • Full charged in 45 minutes
  • Transparent side window for e-liquid–see how long until you need to top up!
  • Compatible with existing G2 coils


  • Changeable coils (not ideal if you’re looking for a mess-free, low maintenance kit)
  • Manual wattage can be fiddly at times
  • Fire button is redundant due to also having auto fire

The newest in the series, the Caliburn X has some great updates compared to previous models, including an improved battery life and small LED screen on the front of the device. This device is available in the following styles: matte black, lake green, ink blue, moonlight silver, lilac purple, and ribbon red.

This device uses replaceable coils, which does mean there will be more maintenance for your device, however these do last longer than the built-in coils you get in a lot of pod kits. With this kit, you can use the existing G2 coils, so if you have a Caliburn G or G2 device, you can still use the same coils! Depending on your vaping habits, a G/G2 coil has a lifespan of one to two weeks. 


  • For mouth-to-lung vaping
  • 850mAh built-in battery
  • USB Type-C charging
  • Large screen

Uwell Caliburn A2S Pod Kit

Uwell Caliburn A2S Pod Kit


  • Button and menu free design
  • Full battery in 30 minutes
  • Transparent side window for e-liquid–see how long until you need to top up!
  • Uses pods with built-in coils for a mess free experience


  • Smaller battery compared to other Caliburn devices
  • Doesn’t include the USB-C charging cable
  • Non-adjustable airflow

The Caliburn A2S is another newer model. The device is lightweight and comes in 6 beautiful colours: blue, back, grey, purple, gold, and blue/red gradient. The logo on the device uses an animated light matrix, meaning it will flash different colours when vaping and charging. 

This kit has a looser pull compared to previous entries in the series. Having a looser pull isn’t a bad thing, though, and comes down to your personal vaping preference. For most MTL vapers, this device is perfect!

It also has a fast-charging battery. If you’re a heavy vaper like myself, you may have to charge the A2S more than once a day, but with only 30 minutes of charging time, this shouldn’t be an issue!


  • Auto-draw activation
  • Ultra-fast charging via USB-C
  • 520mAh built-in battery

Uwell Caliburn G2 Pod Kit

Uwell Caliburn G2 Pod Kit


  • Charged in 30 minutes
  • Larger battery
  • Haptic feedback for the visually impaired
  • 750mAh built-in battery
  • Transparent E-Liquid sight window
  • Adjustable airflow


  • Higher maintenance due to the replaceable coil
  • Fire button is redundant due to also having auto fire
  • Occasional leaking from airflow wheel

The Uwell Caliburn G2 is a solid little kit at only 36g. This device uses Uwell G Coils which have a mesh build for denser flavouring. This device comes in 6 different colours: carbon black, cobalt green, gradient, pyrrole scarlet, shading grey, and ultramarine blue. 

This G2 has a haptic/vibration feature, which makes it a great device for accessibility for the visually impaired. As this device doesn’t use pods, you’ll won’t need to worry about having to replace them every week or so. However, with any built-in coil, there will be some maintenance, which isn’t always appealing to everyone. 


  • 750mAh built-in battery
  • Auto-draw & button activation
  • Haptic feedback
  • Ultra-fast USB-C charging

Caliburn: No Signs of Stopping

We, of course, recommend the devices included in this article, but if you are looking for a different pod system, there are lots to choose from.

Consistently since 2018, Uwell has continued to release devices which have only gone in an upward trajectory. For many vapers, it’s the number one choice for mess-free, low-maintenance vaping! Every vaper is different, but this selection of devices is ideal for those looking for a seamless MTL hit.

So, go ahead; pick yourself up a Caliburn kit today for easy, clean vaping!

Don’t know where to start? Check out our other article: How to Use Your First Pod Kit!

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