VooPoo Drag H80S Review

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VooPoo Drag H80S Review

This in-depth review of the new VooPoo Drag H80S is written to give you real insight as to what it is like to own the device, being as fair and unbiased as possible.

The VooPoo Drag H80S is the brand new sub-ohm vape pod kit in the Drag series, battling competitively for the number 1 spot for the best everyday-use sub-ohm pod vape.

Being quick and easy to use with smart technology, a generously sized colourful screen, stunning design and earth-shattering flavour, the VooPoo Drag H80S has to be one of the finest mods I have seen produced in 2022.

Let me walk you through my personal experience while using the VooPoo Drag H80S as my daily driver.

Let’s see if this device can live up to the hype!

VooPoo Drag H80S

The VooPoo Drag H80S incorporates the sleek, classic design of the VooPoo DRAG series in a compact pod device. Powered by a single 18650 battery, the Drag H80S delivers a maximum power output of 80W.


  • DTL/sub-ohm Vape Kit
  • 80W variable output
  • Takes 1 x 18650 battery (sold separately)
  • Full-Colour Screen
  • USB Type-C Charging
  • Eco, RBA & Smart Mode

Package Contents:

  • 1 x VooPoo Drag H80S Device
  • 1 x VooPoo PNP Pod II – 2ml refilable
  • 1 x VooPoo PNP-TW30 Coil – 0.3Ω
  • 1 x VooPoo PNP-TW15 Coil – 0.15Ω
  • USB-C Charging Cable
  • User Manual
Product Price Battery Weight Dimensions
VooPoo Drag H80S
External 18650 battery
123mm x 26mm x 32mm

What is the VooPoo Drag H80S?

The Drag H80S is a simplistic sub-ohm pod system, made for producing large and flavourful clouds in a sharp compact body.

It is the latest descendant from the Drag series, making sub-ohm vaping accessible to almost all as the perfect middle-ground vape kit. It is remarkably intuitive with its snappy, magnetically attaching pods and push-to-fit coils.

The Drag H80S by VooPoo houses the latest technology with its Gene TT chip, operated on a stunningly coloured and bright screen to make using this powerful mod easy and positively enjoyable.

This device is made for DTL and RDTL style vaping, which is very different to the MTL hits commonly found in the smaller vape pens.

It’s important to note that a pod kit is different to ordinary tank mods. The housing for the atomiser (coil) is entirely plastic, making it cheaper to replace and harder to break.

VooPoo H80S Unboxing

Body & Appearance

This device really means business…

The Drag H80S’ sleek and slim form factor is elegantly ergonomic, designed to fit snugly in the hand with a luxurious high-quality faux leather grip to compliment the body. 

VooPoo knows how to take it further, with its sturdy-feeling solid zinc and aluminium alloy body giving the Drag H80S a well-balanced medium weight—with the external battery fitted.

This makes it easy to carry around for everyday use, whilst having the heft of something serious, powerful, and exquisitely crafted.

In my opinion, the Drag H80S has one of the most attractive designs of any vape available in 2022.

With such simplistic clean lines and excellent quality, its smooth concave buttons akin to the standard of the rest of the mod, the Drag H80S maintains the renowned heritage of the beloved Drag series with opulence. 

However, I must also say that in my time using the Drag H80S I have encountered some issues, the most notable one being the design of the airflow holes…

Being at the exact height of the firing button, your hand can block the airflow, which is very frustrating as I have had to adjust my grip.

Firing the device with the button inward-facing with your thumb eliminates this issue, and due to the high bar, which they rightfully set themselves, I have to be meticulous! And this design flaw cannot go unmentioned.

The airflow is easily adjustable by twisting the entire pod; it can deliver a fairly decent RDTL hit if calibrated correctly to your liking, which in my case is around 60% closed.

For a note of improvement, I would like to see honeycomb airflow or potentially a slightly less intense size of airflow, but that is of course down to personal preference and differs vastly from user to user.

The result of such a design means that for those who love an airy DTL this cloud-chaser might be perfect for you as it can pump out a really dense and luxurious cloud.

Features & Performance

The Drag H80S has a stunning multi-colour large display, boasting 3 operating modes accessible in the menu via a simultaneous long-press of the up and down buttons:

Smart mode is the best mode for an automatically calculated smooth-firing experience from the all-new Gene TT chip by VooPoo. This is the mode I find myself using most often.

The Eco-Mode claims to save around 10% of battery and is offered automatically when the device reaches 40% battery. The puffs feel slightly less powerful. The best part is that you are far less likely to be carrying around a dead vape, which is a massive plus when out and about! I know it works wonders for me. 

Personally, I did not use the RBA mode very much; this mode essentially deactivates any of the restrictions and calculations the Gene TT chip puts in place for the desired vaping experience. But given that the coils are standard from VooPoo, and not like a serious RDA, this seems a little unnecessary!

One quirky little golden nugget I noticed was when charging the device, the attention to detail put into the charging animation is just so cool! Now, though this feature is not functional, it is pretty neat. It’s as though you see the electricity zipping inside the mod.

VooPoo Drag H80S Menu
VooPoo Drag H80S Smart Mode
VooPoo Drag H80S Eco Mode

And the colour of the text changing per mode is a lovely touch too. I am used to a colourless display and this feature certainly made me realise how primal my old mod really is.

The performance delivered by this chip is seriously impressive; I handed it to a couple of my friends who build their own coils in RDA systems—like myself—and the flavour was unanimously concluded to be outstanding. 

The joyous shock I experienced while sharing this device put a smile on all of our faces, and I frankly didn’t bother to rebuild my RDA coil for the weekend as it would only be sub-par comparatively—which is a big statement!

I have had a few dry hits even with liquid inside the tank, this is probably due to the coils’ saturation speed… It would have been too good to be true otherwise. However, I must say that the 0.3Ω (ohm) coil is still strong after an entire week. After taking 1400+ puffs there is no noticeable diminished flavour.

Battery & Charging

The charging of the VooPoo Drag H80S is very fast and easy; the USB-C charging via the port in the front of the device allows for much easier charging in contrast to taking the battery out.

I was very pleasantly surprised to see that I could use the device for an entire day and only charge it once. Not to mention the speed it charges! The 2A charging is really impressive, making any top-up charges effortless.

Of course, this device requires an external 18650 battery, so be sure to check that you are buying a high-quality and safe battery when using the device. We recommend buying your vape batteries from trusted vape retailers, as buying them online from less trusted sources can result in damage to your device among other nasty side effects.

Bear in mind that the quality and age of the battery can drastically change your experience with the vape itself. The battery I use is not brand new, though in great condition. From the performance I received, I can only see it being better.

P.S. if the protective layer (the wrap) on your battery has broken or torn, dispose of the battery safely and correctly, and do not use it with your device! The same applies to leaks or other forms of damage.

VooPoo Drag H80S Deconstructed

Pod Tank & Coils

The VooPoo Drag H80S kit comes with one pod tank and two coils (0.3Ω & 0.15Ω). The pod itself is made out of a robust polycarbonate which cannot shatter unlike glass and incorporates some really snazzy features, such as magnetic attachment and top filling. The fill port is accessible via two secure rubber holes which haven’t torn on me, unlike other vapes. This is likely due to small slits allowing for different sizes of vape juice nozzles.

Overall, the pod is really nice and fairly leak-resistant, only becoming slightly leaky when the coil is heavily used. This small amount of leakage or condensation is considered inevitable by pod vape manufacturers.

Quite honestly, the VooPoo Drag H80S pod tanks are undeniably impressive and have been an overall well-rounded and enjoyable experience. 

The coils I used were astounding, producing a succulent and flavour-packed cloud which is thick and pure to the mango E-Liquid I used it with (only use high-VG vape liquids such as shortfills in the Drag H80S). Side by side with my RDA, this coil when powered by a good battery and the astonishing Gene TT chip makes for some serious competition for flavourfulness.

I did not think that a pre-built push-to-install coil could be so darn good, but it truly is! The 0.3Ω (ohm) works like a charm for me, especially as I have been enjoying a more subtle cloud recently. Given that the flavour is still strong and fruitful—which it most definitely is—I am happy to use it all day long. 

It is inevitable that when using the 0.15Ω (ohm) coil (best at around 70W) the battery will be used up significantly faster, though the cloud is humungous and the flavour even richer. It immensely depends on the user and your personal preference as to which coil is right for you.

But as the kit for the VooPoo Drag H80S comes with both resistances, you can find out which one you prefer very easily!

The mesh provides excellent distribution of heat, and the coils claim to use less E-Liquid with the ‘Dual in One’ technology. I am unsure how true that is, but the quality of performance from these coils is still brilliant.

VooPoo Drag H80S Pod Tank
VooPoo Drag H80S Pod Tank Open
VooPoo Drag H80S Pod Tank Bottom

Using the VooPoo Drag H80S

I have thoroughly enjoyed my time with this vape and will continue to use it as my secondary vape to my RDA. It cannot replace the love I have for building coils, though I still find myself magnetised to the idea of hassle-free vaping when the flavour is so good.

Moreover, the intuitiveness of such a sleek and balanced device has me unconsciously reaching for it on my desk above all others. Simple, sweet, and easy.

The style is right up my street and the feel of the entire mod, pod, and coil is fantastic. If you purchase this vape you will not be disappointed.

And for the price, you cannot find anything to this standard for the money. I would gladly recommend this vape to anyone with the desire for more flavour without the hassle of fiddly tanks or overcomplicated menu systems.

Built into the main body of the vape is an excellently thought-through condensation-catching basin, located directly underneath the pod where the connection pins are.

This got filled up with my usage and was relatively easy to clean. Be careful to check that you do not leave liquid sitting in there for too long, as this may cause damage in the long run.

Fast delivery of vapour, easily maintainable, powerful, robust quality build. What more can I say?! Of course, it’s not perfect, but it’s certainly not far off.

Who should buy the VooPoo Drag H80S?

I believe this vape is ideal for those looking to get into the realm of sub-ohm vaping, whether that is for flavour or vapour production. And an especially great choice for those who don’t want the hassle of screw-in coil changes or smashed glass. 

The VooPoo Drag H80S makes for the perfect everyday vape. I believe this device is best for the intermediate vaper, though frankly recommendable to all.

It makes transitioning to sub-ohm effortless. I would also recommend it for non-tech savvy individuals, as the smart mode makes it easy as pie. 

The coils are push-to-fit and the pod tank is magnetic. It’s as easy as plugging it in pressing the button and simply vaping away. It can’t get much easier than that!

VooPoo Drag H80 s FAQs

VooPoo is a high-quality vape manufacturer, renowned for its well-built mods, and the H80S is one of the best mods I have used in my 5+ years of vaping experience. It is very good.

The Drag H80S by VooPoo is no better or worse than any other vaping product we sell. Not to mention, the NHS states that vaping is 95% safer than smoking combustible cigarettes. If you wish to read more about the positive impact vaping can have on your health compared to smoking check out Cancer Research UK.

Your device may be locked, to unlock your Drag H80S Press and hold the fire button and the top smaller button located on the front of the device.

If your device is still not working and you are certain it is turned on and has power, contact VooPoo or go to the troubleshooting page on their website.

Every VooPoo product contains a 90-day warranty card in the box. 

Simply press and hold the two smaller up and down buttons and click on the menu by pressing the fire button.

If you wish to see other information you can scroll through the options with the same two smaller buttons.

There you can also reset your puff counter should you desire to do so.

This can be because of a few reasons, either your coil is old and used up, or you have fired it without sufficient E-Liquid.

In which case simply re-fill the pod tank by unscrewing the top mouthpiece.

And lastly, there is a possibility you have a defective coil. If the coil tastes burnt always replace it with a new one.

Replacement coils are available from many reputable vape distributors such as ourselves. 

No. You cannot. The Drag H80S by VooPoo is a DTL and RDTL vape. If you wish to have an MTL vape you should look for a smaller vaping device.

A small amount of crackling or spitting is usual for a sub-ohm vape, it is normal and common with new coils.

Once they have broken in a little more this should begin to stop.

The most common reason for leaky tanks is due to over-filling. 

Ensure that you are careful when filling up the tank and that you leave a little bit of space at the top.

Another possibility could be a burnt or faulty coil, in which case replace that coil with a new one.

There could be a crack in the tank or it could be faulty, in this case, we would advise you to purchase a new replacement pod.

No. You can’t. This is either because nic salts have too high of a PG ratio for the coils to operate properly. Or that the nicotine hit would be far too harsh. You should only use high-VG vape liquids such as shortfills. 

The coil should last anywhere between 1-2 weeks. The coil life differs immensely dependent on the vaping style, frequency /consistency of re-fills, vape juice, and how often / intensely the device is used.

Press the fire button 5 times in quick succession to turn the device both off and on.

Press and hold the up and down buttons on the front of the device until you see the menu. Press the up and down buttons to scroll. Select ‘puff reset’ and press the fire button to reset the puff counter.

Pros & Cons of the VooPoo Drag H80S


  • Large and bright multicolour screen
  • Easy to use
  • Magnetic pod tank system
  • Push fitting coils
  • Powerful flavour and Big clouds
  • Not leaky
  • Great build quality
  • Eco-mode to save battery
  • Long battery life at 30W
  • Intuitive adjustable airflow
  • Fast-charging USB-C


  • Sometimes makes a buzzing sound while firing (only happened with a new coil)
  • Doesn’t always fire the first time the button is pressed when the screen is off
  • Airflow holes are positioned where you hold the device, which sometimes blocks the airflow
  • Coils occasionally produce dry hits, even when saturated.
  • Airflow is a bit too airy for my liking (a tighter draw with honeycomb would improve this)
VooPoo Drag H80S In Hand


Body & Appearance:
Pod & Coils:
Ease of Use:
Flavour & Vapour:

Overall Rating: 4.56 stars



The Drag H80S by VooPoo makes for a mighty fantastic sub-ohm vape, blowing my expectations out of the water in terms of quality, usability, flavour, and overall experience.

Despite its flaws with the airflow, the hits are smooth, silent, and cool. I have not had a singular bad moment while using this vape and for that, I would happily buy it again.

There will always be little annoyances unique to each device, though my main qualms surround subjective characteristics, which are entirely personal.

No matter if you are a well-seasoned expert vaper or a sub-ohm newbie, I am confident you will thoroughly enjoy this mod. It has truly impressed me from the get-go. If you have the chance to grab yourself one I would certainly say you should.

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