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Vaporesso Gen 200 – Vaping The Big Beast

The new generation of vaping is here… Taking the world by storm—the all-new Vaporesso Gen 200 is one of the highest acclaimed vapes ever! Let’s take a look to see if this award-winning vape kit can live up to the massive hype?!

Vaporesso Gen 200

The Vaporesso Gen 200 is Vaporesso’s biggest sub-ohm vape kit, made famous with the award-winning iTank. This vape is designed with raw power, massive clouds and optimised flavour.

Vaporesso Gen 200 Kit


  • Sub-ohm pod kit
  • 2 x External 18650 battery (Not Included in Kit)
  • 2ml capacity iTank (TPD)
  • 220W max output
  • Supports RDTL & DTL vaping
  • Adjustable airflow
  • Replaceable coils
  • AXON Chip

Package Contents:

  • 1 x Vaporesso Gen 200 mod
  • 1 x Vaporesso iTank 
  • 1 x GTi 0.2Ω (ohm) mesh coil 
  • 1 x GTi 0.4Ω (ohm) mesh coil
  • 1 x Extra glass tube
  • 3 x O-ring
  • 1 x USB-C Cable
  • 1 x User manual
  • 1 x Warranty Card
Product Price Battery Weight Dimensions
Vaporesso Gen 200
2 x 18650
76g (Without Batteries and tank)
138.5mm x 44mm x 29mm

Body & Appearance

The Vaporesso Gen 200 is the pinnacle of innovative vaping. Its quality-built ultra-lightweight 76g metal body is constructed using four layers of protection for a grippy, ergonomic, fingerprint-free, wear-resilient, and, get this, even fire-resistant case!

The overall appearance of this insanely impressive sub-ohm vape kit is that of a majestic beast… I am yet to find anything remotely like it. 

Even with both of the external 18650 batteries installed, the total weight of the mod is only 166g, which for a vape of this immense size and power is considerably more manageable.

Regarding usability, the mod itself has 4 buttons in total: 2 up and down, 1 large fire button on the side, and 1 central menu button between the up and down buttons. Empirically, all of these buttons have a luxurious feel of unparalleled clicky satisfaction. 

Vaporesso Gen 200 Full Kit

The USB-C 5V/2A internal charging port is front-facing and quaintly located below the buttons and screen for fast and hassle-free access at any time—just in case you require a quick battery top-up and don’t fancy the hassle of externally charging your batteries. 

(As always, I strongly advise using an external battery charger to ensure the safety and health of your 18650 batteries in the long run.)

At the top of the mod (Beneath the tank), you’ll find a triple-bolted 510(mm) connection pin. This essentially means it won’t be breaking anytime soon, unlike other manufacturers.

Ahem, Smok… And! If you don’t fancy using the award-winning iTank that comes included, you can swap it out for any other tank with a standard male 510 connector (Compatible with the majority of tanks).

Of course, there are some minor points for improvement; the fire button, like many Vaporesso models, is prone to scratches, which is entirely superficial and cosmetic yet still slightly irritates me. 

Another thing to mention is that this vape is meant for something other than on-the-go vaping. Even though it is lighter weight than most duel 18650 mods, it is still quite cumbersome and hefty. It is also not built to be indestructible like GeekVape mods, so please don’t go throwing it around, as although it is a durable build, it is not a bullet-proof tank.

This mod emulates premium quality—It practically seeps out of every orifice of it! There has undoubtedly been a lot of thought and consideration put into the execution of each aspect of this vape, and it shows.

It looks great, vapes great, and tastes greater!

Features & Performance

The interface for the Vaporesso Gen 200 is remarkably straightforward to operate despite its many settings options.

You can adjust the wattage between 5W-220W using the up and down buttons and lock the screen with 3 clicks of the fire button to keep your settings in place.

Triple-clicking the central button between left (down) and right (up) opens the full menu screen providing access to 3 categories for firing modes: F(t) – Which is the temperature, (PUL) pulse mode – Which is for maximised power efficient draws, and finally (VW) mode, which is just standard voltage and wattage configuration.

Beneath all of these options are the settings menu and other features, which provide access to things like puff count and bypass mode—for the lunatics looking for raw unregulated power.

Personally, the modes do not create that much of a significant difference to the vaping experience—they’re all kick-ass powerful and jammed full of flavour! However, the Pulse mode does strike me as mildly more intense and hotter.

The famous AXON chip powers the entire interface—a chip explicitly developed for pure power and flavour maximisation.

I have written about the AXON chip many a time, and it truly is astounding, outperforming any other regulatory chip I have ever tried in my many years of vaping, delivering fast firing performance with every puff.

Battery & Charging

The Vaporesso Gen 200, being a dual 18650 powered mod, should be charged using an external battery charger.
This has both benefits and drawbacks…

Externally charging does create an extra step every time you wish to charge up and is an additional purchase.

However, it does unlock almost infinite battery life as you just swap out the finished batteries for the charged ones and run them on a cycle!

Fortunately, the batteries are “easily accessible” via the magnetic door, which comes off in its entirety for full, unhindered access to the batteries.

They even put grooves on the top of each battery slot to aid removal! Which is nice attention to detail, so that “extra step” isn’t too bad

Vaporesso Gen 200 Batteries

However, I recommend using the corner of the door as leverage to assist battery removal, as it can be a bit finicky.

Now, having two 18650 batteries equates to a goliath quantity of mAh capacity. You can easily get through a day or two without recharging; even with two 2500mAh (5000mAh total) batteries, it’s mighty.

In fact! You can purchase 3500mAh batteries if you so choose, creating a whopping 7000mAh total capacity which is completely overkill but cool.

They also placed an important battery safety notice on the inside of the door to reduce mishaps!

This is genuinely thoughtful of Vaporesso, so thank you, guys.

For those of you reading who are yet to have used a mod with external batteries when purchasing them, ensure that the discharge rate is ≥25 Amps and, for obvious reasons, do not use any damaged batteries.

The best way to ensure you stay safe while vaping using external batteries is to purchase them from a reputable retailer. Always.

The iTank

The iTank by Vaporesso is the “Best Sub-Ohm Tank of 2022” – awarded by Vaping360, and it is unequivocally an exceptional feat of craftsmanship.

The iTank features a sliding top filling access with a rubber stopper, providing SSS leak resistance, so you need not concern yourself about spillages.

Turbo adjustable airflow holes—3 holes! Adjust the three airflow holes simultaneously to cater for the perfect DTL/RDTL, but wow.

This tank’s airflow creates a spiralling vortex of air which whips up the vapour straight off the mesh coils into a fierce tornado of flavourful vapour.

Vaporesso iTank
Vaporesso iTank open

In essence, It chucks immense clouds—which frankly can be so large you need to take precautions while vaping in public as they may appear obnoxious—which I find hilarious and impressive.

The airflow is stated to be quiet, and though I don’t necessarily agree with that statement, it is whistle-free, meaning even with a tight airflow restriction, it won’t produce an irritating kettle-like sound.

Vaporesso iTank E-Liquid Collector

However, it is certainly not quiet—chuckling while being the noisiest vaper in the office.

The iTank is endowed with an effective self-cleaning system, which collects any condensation in the system, recycles it and re-vapourises it—reducing leakage at the bottom and improving efficiency.

Unlike most tanks, the iTank integrates push-fit coils similar to pod systems, making coil changes more effortless than ever before.

The “glass” the tank comes with also appears to be incredibly robust, decreasing the risk of smashing into a thousand tiny pieces if dropped or damaged.

They include a secondary replacement glass piece, especially for such instances.

This well-thought-through design and performance received from using the tank are what awarded this tank its outstanding reputation.

It is a clear choice when side by side with any other tank of a similar nature.

The GTi Coils

They’re gigantic! The sheer size of these coils is more significant than most tanks equipped with sub-ohm devices! I cannot fathom the power they produce.

They are equipped with a large-diameter central airway for smooth, airy draws, the finest cumulus cotton for extra absorptive abilities, and patented Corex heating technology to maximise how evenly heated the surface area of the mesh becomes.

The result of these implementations is a highly efficient, fast-firing and consistently flavourful cloud of vapour.

GTi vs. GTX coils

The GTi coils come in three different resistances; 0.2Ω (ohm), 0.4Ω, and 0.15Ω. The 0.15Ω coil is remarkably powerful, operating up to a hefty 90W!

And that isn’t even half the maximum power of the mod!

These coils are only for use with high-VG E-Liquids such as shortfills. Do not use nic salts or high-PG vape liquids (50/50). These beastly coils need thick E-Liquids not to dry out.

Looking at the size difference between the GTi coils vs. the GTX you can see just how much more power, flavour and vapour you’re getting out of this badass coil!

Using The Vaporesso Gen PT80 S

The Vaporesso Gen 200 is a charm to use. It fills my lungs with richly flavoured vapour from every single draw.

And the battery never dies! I can enjoy it entirely stress-free for around two days without worrying about recharging! Now, that is brilliant.

The Tank did crack on my first day of using it, though it did fire in my pocket—I learnt that the lock does not prevent firing; the lock only locks the settings!

This pressure and heat inside my pocket could have caused the crack, but even still, I would expect the glass to last at least a day.

An important point to note when purchasing this device within the UK is that all models are subject to the 2ml TPD regulations; a tank capacity of 2ml is far too conservative for such an exceedingly thirsty coil.

Vaporesso Gen 200 in Hand

I, therefore, needed to refill the vape over four times a day, which would be one singular refill of the 8ml intended tank size.

One of the problems with the adaptation to the TPD-compliant tank size is the refilling. Due to the small space for the liquid to enter the tank, I have the issue of overflowing the tank while trying to fill it up.

The small space causes this; the liquid can squirt out while re-filling due to the pressure inside the tank and the viscosity of the liquid.

The small tank and low E-Liquid efficiency entail the issue of carrying around your shortfill with you! Which is a pain for us UK users.

But it is worth it for me as I am accustomed to this being a sub-ohm vaper! And also madly in love with this vape.

This Vaporesso Gen 200 has been my friend (Alex)’s daily driver for a fair while now. Meaning I have more experience with this vape going beyond owning it myself. 

From an external perspective from a long-time user: Alex says he absolutely loved it, and this beast, paired with his powerful RDA (Rebuildable Dripping Atomizer), it is truly a limitless machine…

He has no concern for battery life and uses it with enormously powerful coils. The Gen 200’s fast power delivery creates what is one of the nicest-tasting vapes I have ever tried.

Over time he has decided to move more towards smaller vapes, as daily driving this big-boy is a little excessive, and as far as comfortability, carrying such a big vape around does become tiresome, especially if it is the only vape you have.

And furthermore, such large clouds make it a little too outlandish for his desired public-use device. Thus, I recommended he get himself a LUXE XR alongside it.

Now back to me! The coils from the iTank are ridiculous. They’re humungous and potently powerful, chucking immense clouds of flavourful goodness consistently and without dry-burning.

The E-Liquid level visibility is also amongst the best I have seen, and I can only imagine that being better with the 8ml version.

Overall, I cannot fault the device for what it is intended to be and how it is intended to be used—it is a massive vape that quickly produces heavy clouds and mighty flavour, ideal for use in your house or at your desk.

I love the design, adore the quality, and the overall experience is quality to the highest order. It is self-evident from the moment you place your lips on the iTank that it is award-winning.

And the mod has a grandiose aura of brilliance which translates through the high-quality case material, the screen’s colour and the plentiful settings to enjoy.

Who Should Get The Vaporesso Gen 200?

The Vaporesso Gen 200 is certainly not a vape for everyone. It is a specialised piece of kit designed for use by experienced vapers looking for an almighty “stay at home” kit.
I must crucially re-state that the weight of this kit is a significant factor both for and against this vape being for you.

Firstly—yes, this is undoubtedly one of the lightest—if not the most lightweight—double 18650 bearing mods I have ever held, making it ideal for those of you looking for that! And additionally, it is even lighter than the VooPoo H80s! Which is a single 18650 mod! (Now, that is impressive).

However, secondly—it’s still massive. And that cannot be overlooked. You still require big pockets to carry this vape with you. It is not a pod-mod or trying to be portable at all; it is made for a separate purpose—kickass flavour, voluminous clouds and astounding customisability.

If you are a cloud-chaser or a fan of large and powerful vapes, then the Vaporesso Gen 200 is perfect for you. Any newer vaper or vaper looking for anything easily portable would honestly be better off trying something else. But golly, this vape is fantastic.

You must consider whether you can handle the vapour production when you have such a powerful sub-ohm vape. Think about it like a V8 engine in your car. They’re fast, powerful, intense and devour a lot of fuel (E-Liquid).

A V8 engine isn’t for everyone, the same as a moped isn’t for everyone; if you are in the market for this kind of machine, you’ll love the Gen 200 to pieces—I am almost certain.

Vaporesso Gen 200 FAQs

The Vaporesso Gen 200 is an external battery mod requiring 2 x 18650 batteries with ≥25Amps.

The mod can be charged internally via the built-in 2A/5V USB-C charging port located on the front of the mod.

OR alternatively, it can be charged using an external battery charger. This is the safest and highest-recommended method to recharge your batteries.

The Vaporesso Gen 200 is a sub-ohm device built for use with shortfill E-Liquids and high-VG (Vegetable Glycerin) ratioed E-Liquid.

The Vaporesso iTank, which comes with the Gen 200 (kit), is NOT meant for use with high-PG (Propylene Glycol) E-Liquids or nic salts—they are too thin for the GTi coils and have too high a nicotine concentration for pleasant usage.

The screen is lockable and unlockable via a sequential triple-click of the fire button (3 X fire button).

You will see a visualisation of whether the device settings are locked or not, signified by a padlock emoticon in green (unlocked) or red (locked).

Please note: the Vaporesso Gen 200 is not fire-lockable, which means it can still fire even while locked.

To avoid pocket firing, ensure you turn the device off completely by clicking the fire button in quick succession 5 times.

Yes! The Vaporesso Gen 200 has a fitted 510(mm) connector, which can fit most tanks with the male equivalent connection pin.

Consider that the width of the mod is 29mm, and any tank exceeding this diameter will protrude beyond the mod’s body.

In the UK, all vape tanks are limited to 2ml of E-Liquid capacity.

However, the Vaporesso Gen 200 was made to house 8ml of E-Liquid (only available in countries without TPD regulation) and has been adapted to meet the regulatory requirements of UK law and legislation.

Yes! The Vaporesso Gen 200 is just as safe as any vape you can purchase from a reputable retailer.

IMPORTANT: Always use safe(preferably new) external 18650 batteries made for vape devices and ensure they are both without any damage to the battery or casing.

The Vaporesso Gen 200 is manufactured to use 18650 external batteries exclusively. You cannot use any other type of battery.

The dimensions of the Vaporesso Gen 200 with the iTank installed are 138.5mm (tall), 44mm (wide at the front), and 29mm (wide at the side).

It is a large sized vape which is pocket sized, though only if you have big pockets.

The Vaporesso Gen 200 (alone without tank or batteries) weighs 76 grams.

However, with both batteries installed (2 x 45g) and a full tank (2ml + iTank (TPD) = 71g), the total weight comes to a total of roughly 237 grams—the weight changes depending on the 18650s installed and if your tank is the 8ml or the 2ml (TPD).

The iTank is made for exclusive use with the Vaporesso GTi coils.

The coils are available in 3 different resistances: 0.4Ω(ohms), 0.2Ω, & 0.15Ω.

Vaporesso are going to release a new 0.5Ω coil for the GTi range. Though, it is not available yet.

Pros & Cons of the Vaporesso Gen 200


  • Powerful vapour production
  • Cross-compatible with 510 connecting tanks
  • Fast-firing
  • Multi-colour screen
  • Super lightweight for dual 18650 mod
  • Exceptional flavour
  • Award-winning tank
  • Incredible value for money


  • Large and cumbersome
  • Somewhat fragile
  • E-Liquid thirsty
  • Too powerful for some (subjective)
  • Settings need to be learned
Vaporesso Gen 200 and box


Body & Appearance:
Pod & Coils:
Ease of Use:
Flavour & Vapour:

Overall Rating: 4.31 stars


Overview of the Vaporesso Gen 200

using the Vaporesso Gen 200

The Vaporesso Gen 200 is a beast. It is an almighty landmark in vaping, arguably one of the best options for vaping at home. The flavour this vape creates is intense; I feel as though I am unlocking the full potential of each vape liquid I put into the iTank.

Having a dual 18650 mod enabled me to relax about recharging. Even at 50% charge after roughly a day of using it, the vaping experience does not diminish; it’s killer from the start to the end.

I can’t say this vape is without its imperfections; I think an easy addition of a rubber bottom would be excellent. Still, overall it feels high quality, performs really well and allows me to vape huge clouds until my heart’s content.

I must also mention that the cloud production of the Gen 200 did inspire me to get back into doing tricking. This is one of the things I enjoyed most about vaping when I first started, and rekindling this joy put a smile on my face.

If you are looking for a big mod, you cannot go wrong with the Vaporesso Gen 200, and as always, Vaporesso has aced nearly every aspect of what a vaper looks for when wanting a big mod.

It has my seal of approval and deserves recognition for being so fine-tuned. If you’re thinking of getting it, do it! You will not be disappointed, and I can’t think of a better way to get into these big mods than to go with Vaporesso.

As always, I hope you enjoyed this article and found it informative and useful!

If you enjoyed this read, why not check out my latest review of the Vaporesso PT 80 S?!

Happy vaping!

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