Vaping the Eco-Friendly Way: Discover Top 3 Tips

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Vaping the Eco-Friendly Way: Discover Top 3 Tips

Want to vape the eco-friendly way? When it comes to vaping, a relatively new concept in the timeline of smoking, how can you best help combat global warming?

Discover our top 3 tips to vaping in the most eco-friendly way you can!

#1 Am I vaping in an eco-friendly way?

If you’re not already, having a reusable kit versus using a disposable vape is the best place to start. On average, 1.3 million disposable vapes are thrown away per week, which over a year amounts to covering almost 22 football pitches! The average disposable lasts 1-2 days, depending on how much you use it, but by having a reusable kit, you’re already saving 4-5 disposable vapes per week from entering landfill! 

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disposable vape

If you like the convenience of a disposable but are conscious of how that may effect the planet, consider a pod kit. Pod kits take the convenience of a disposable and remove the fiddly maintenance bits. Slot in a new pod, fill with juice, and go!

And for those who don’t have the time to top up the juice, consider a pre-filled vape kit. With a range of pre-selected flavours, you can also try something new without the commitment of purchasing a whole juice bottle. 

#2 Am I able to recycle my vape?

In a study by the Truth Initiative, it was found that 51% of young people admitted to throwing away used vape pods and disposables vapes into landfill, rather than recycling them. Between 2015 and 2020, retail e-cigarette sales saw an incredible 399.73% increase! That’s a lot of vapes thrown away.

Vapes contain lithium-ion batteries, a useful resource otherwise used in electric cars, mobile phones, and more. By simply throwing away disposable vapes, we lose 10 tonnes of lithium that could be used again elsewhere. The materials included in the disposables could power over 1200 electric cars per year, so another reason to recycle your vape correctly! 


The rise of single-use vapes has contributed to a fast-growing waste stream worldwide, with people worried that the ingredients included are affecting the environment.

Although there is technically not a proper way to currently recycle disposable vapes, research is underway on how this can be done. Until then, it is recommended that you recycle your vapes at your local recycling centre. Not every centre will take electrical waste, but you can find your nearest one using your postcode.

A lot of the time, a supposedly ‘broken’ vape can be fixed! You can find a range of locations that offer electrical repair, so your favourite vape could still be saved!

#3 Can I buy an eco-friendly vape?

Vape company RIOT have recently released what is claimed to be the world’s first sustainable disposable e-cigarette—the RIOT bar. The eco-friendly disposable vape comes in 10 different flavours. RIOT say that this device is made of microplastics that are 75% less carbon intensive than previous models, and have also set up their own recycling scheme for their RIOT bars to help combat the issue.

The most eco-friendly reusable vape would be one that contains an external battery, meaning you can dismantle the elements individually, so you can remove the battery to dispose of it correctly. With a kit that has this external battery (an example is pictured below), you can have the same vape for years to come—unlike cheap vape kits with internal batteries, which will only last between six months to a year before the battery degrades. 

external battery

An Eco-Friendly Vaping Future

Next time you pick up your vape, look back through these tips and ask yourself: am I vaping eco-friendly?

Whether it’s swapping to a more suitable kit for you, or going out of your way to dispose of them correctly, you can always help the environment a little more. And because we as vapers are at the frontline of the tobacco harm reduction movement, it’s our job to ensure we’re making a good name for the vaping community.

You can find out more about how vaping affects you in our article about the effects of vaping on TV.

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