3 Easy Steps to Vaping a CBD Cartridge

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3 Easy Steps to Vaping a CBD Cartridge

Want to vape a CBD cartridge but not sure how? Well, you're in luck! Follow our 3-step guide that will take a matter of minutes!

A CBD cartridge is a pre-filled, easy-to-use component which you attach to a battery. CBD cartridges come with everything all ready for you: the liquid is inside, the coil is ready—all you need to do is add power and vape! CBD cartridges are an easy way to get your CBD dose in vape form. 

In this guide, we’ll be walking you through the materials you’ll need and the steps you should take to get the most out of your CBD cartridge.

Getting Started with Your CBD Cartridge

Now you may think that being able to vape CBD will be an absolute nightmare, but it’s actually quite simple! All you will need are 3 things–and you might already have them! 

To get started, you’re going to need the following things:

  1. A CBD cartridge
  2. A battery compatible with your cartridge
  3. A charger for your battery

‘But how do I know I’m buying the right stuff?’

Well, it’s more accessible than you think! Most CBD cartridges are built with a standard 510 connection. A 510 connection is common in most vape tanks, so if you already have a mod vape with adjustable wattage, you’re set! When adjusting the wattage, make sure that the power output isn’t too high, in order to avoid any burning taste and to keep your device working well. 

If you don’t have one, that’s ok too, as you can get a cheap kit such as the Diamond Mist Ego 510 CBD Cartridge Battery for only £9.99 at CBD Green–if not, there’s a range of CBD vape kits to choose from! For the best results, make sure to get a kit with a lower wattage, ideally under 7W. Luckily, this is the standard size for most vape mods and batteries.

Ok, have you got everything you need? Let’s get started.

CBD Cartridge

Step #1: Let's See What You're Working With!

First off, let’s unpack everything. Make sure to remove the cartridge from the packaging, discarding any manufacturing stickers from the cartridge itself. It’s important for the airflow of your device to make sure there are no obstructions.

At the bottom of this cartridge you will see the 510 threading, which you will then attach to the battery.

Step #2: Let's Power Up!

Whether you are using a low-powered cartridge battery or your own vape mod, take your CBD cartridge and screw it in.

Make sure if you are using a vape mod, you adjust the wattage before you start vaping to avoid the risk of burning your coil and wasting the cartridge.

It would be an awful shame to ruin your brand new CBD cartridge—and if you accidentally burn the coil, you could ruin the entire cartridge, so be careful!

Step #3: And Away You Go!

And that’s it! Pres the fire button on your device and vape away. Enjoy your CBD and relax.

If you are using a high-strength CBD cartridge, you will only need to take a few puffs to feel the full sensation. It’s recommended that you wait a few minutes after taking a few puffs, as it can take 5-10 minutes to feel the full effects.

CBD Cartridge

See, that was easy!

It’s really that simple! Unpack, screw it in, and go!

Now you know how to get set up, which CBD will you try? There’s a range of options, including ones that can perk you up for your day or simply get to sleep at night. Either way, there’s a CBD product to suit you.

CBD can help with a range of health issues, both physical and mental, from relaxing your muscles to lowering your heart rate. With more people than ever taking CBD for medicinal reasons, it’s definitely a popular and accessible option at the moment.

If a CBD cartridge isn’t for you, there’s a huge selection of CBD vape juices instead, or you can mix your favourite e-liquid with a CBD vape shot! There’s always an option, so try them all out and decide on your favourite! 

Interested in finding out more about how CBD works? Take a look at our article about how CBD can help with chronic anxiety.

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