Uwell Whirl S2 Review: Perfect for Vapers Old and New

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Uwell Whirl S2 Review

From vaping titan Uwell, best known for market favourite the Caliburn, comes the Uwell Whirl S2. We've taken the time to test this device out to give you an idea as to whether this is the right device for you.

Whether you’re an experienced vaper, or a smoker looking to start quitting, the Uwell Whirl S2 is a solid and viable option! This review looks through all of the features of this vape, so you can be ensured that this device is for you!

Uwell Whirl S2 Pod Kit

uwell whirl s2

The Uwell Whirl S2 is a nifty little pod kit, great for first time vapers. This device can be used for MTL or RDTL vaping, depending on the resistance of the coil you are using with it, both of which are included with the device. 

Included with the kit:

  • Uwell Whirl S2 device
  • S2 Coil – 1.2Ω (ohm) mesh (MTL)
  • S Coil – 0.8Ω (ohm) mesh (RDTL)
  • Paper Tips x 2
  • Plastic Tip x 1
  • USB-C Charging Cable
  • User Manual
Price Battery Weight Coils Dimensions Materials
Caliburn G & G2
107.4mm X 27.5mm X 15.6mm
Aluminium Alloy

Uwell Whirl S2 Overview

The Uwell Whirl S2 is popular with vapers old and new—flexibility for all! This vape has many features, so no wonder it’s so popular! Although it doesn’t tick all of the boxes, the budget price is more than enough of a motivator for many. In this review, we’ve gone in depth with the device, ensuring it’s worth trying.

Body & Appearance

Uwell has already provided us with some great pen vapes, and this one is no different. It’s definitely a little on the wider side compared to other vape pens, but that’s due to the large internal 900mAh battery, which you wouldn’t typically see in this type of device. 

It’s very lightweight and sits beautifully in your hand, with a great body style—sleek, smooth, shiny! 

This device is available in 6 beautiful matte colours, and for this review I tested the blue one. I was really impressed with its finish, as with some vapes with a metallic covering, it can damage easily. After 3 weeks of use, a bit of travelling and day-to-day use, I was pleasantly surprised to find that there weren’t any scratches to the exterior!

uwell whirl s2

Features & Performance

Unboxing this device and setting it up, I took a look at the vape itself. I’d become very used to using vapes with an auto-draw feature, which this vape doesn’t have, unfortunately. There’s a button on the side to use to draw. However, I did find it a little difficult to find blindly, which was a little frustrating. Because the button is so slim, it looks great on the body of the vape, but I found myself having to consciously look for it. 

After priming the coil, the first hit of the vape was rich in flavour with a smooth exhale. For this first use, I used 20mg nic salt.


The vape comes with a fully charged battery, which is great if you’re eager to get started vaping as soon as possible. Of course, the coil will still need to be primed first. I found the battery to be quite reliable, and charged it after a full 12 hours or so of vaping. 

Although there is no adjustable wattage on this vape, it’s altered based on the resistance of the coil you’re currently using. 

Pod & Coils

The device itself comes with two coils: 1.2Ω (ohm) mesh (MTL) and 0.8Ω (ohm) mesh (RDTL). The coil itself is relatively small and easy to replace. Simply take the pod out of the device, and at the bottom of the pod you can pull out the coil. I personally found pulling the existing coil out of the vape a little fiddly, due to it’s size, but getting the new one in was simple and it just clicks in! It was also surprisingly mess and hassle free to do so, which is ideal if you typically avoid reusable vapes for this reason.

Refilling the pod is really easy too, and can be topped up at the base of the pod. The silicone flap can actually slot in to the base of the pod whilst you’re filling it, a feature that I love as I often find the flap can get in the way, causing mess. Uwell thought ahead on this though, and I enjoyed a mess-free experience. 

Although not obvious compared to other devices, the Uwell Whirl S2 does have adjustable airflow. You can adjust this by simply twisting the pod!

After setting it up for the first time, I did find that the first few draws were tougher. It took a little time before I could get a full throat hit, but the flavouring hit instantly, which I was happy about. 

Using the Whirl S2

Upon using this device for the first time, I of course started by priming the coil. The recommended wait time is 5 minutes, but you find with some vapes that you’ll need to wait longer. I ended up starting to vape a little too quickly, but was pleasantly surprised to find that it was ready to go! 

I’d become very used to using vapes with an auto draw feature, which this vape doesn’t have, unfortunately. There’s a button on the side to use to draw, however I did find it a little difficult to find blindly, which was a little frustrating. Because the button is so slim, it looks great on the body of the vape, but I found myself having to consciously look for it. 

Who should get the Uwell Whirl S2?

The Uwell Whirl S2 is definitely a great first vaping kit for an ex-smoker. If you’ve never vaped before, this kit is so easy to pick up and understand how to use within a matter of minutes!

If you already vape, there are features with this device that you might miss compared to others–such as no auto draw feature– but if this doesn’t bother you, this could be a great backup vape for you!

Because of the coils available for this device, this can be used for MTL or DTL vaping, which means that any type of vaper can use this device!

Uwell Whirl S2 FAQs

Regardless of the coil you are using, it’s recommended that you use a high-PG e-liquid such as nic salts or 50/50 juices.

The coils that come with this device are push-in. To change the coil, simply pull out the existing one and discard, then take your new coil, push it in firmly with your thumb, then prime your pod like you would usually. 

Coil lifespan is dependent on the way you vape and how sweet your E-Liquids are. Normally, the sweeter the E-Liquid, the shorter the life of the coil.

Generally, the coils for the Uwell Whirl S2 will last you 1-2 weeks of regular vaping before it needs to be replaced. 

Battery life is very much dependent on your frequency of vaping, so it will vary from person to person.

I vape very frequently and found that the Uwell Whirl S2 lasted for around 12 hours of consistent use.

The charging port for the Uwell Whirl S2 is on the base of the vape itself and charges using a USB-C charging cable, which comes with the device. 

We recommend that you charge your vape using the included cable with a high-quality wall plug. It’s not ideal for charging your device through an external device, such as a games console or computer, as this will degrade your vape battery over time, and you’ll find yourself having to plug it in more and more. 

Unfortunately not. The Uwell Whirl S2 has a sleek firing button on the body of the device. This button can also be used to power the device on and off. 

To refill the pod on the Uwell Whirl S2, simply detach the pod from the device and open the small flap on the bottom of the pod. You can then fill up with your favourite e-liquid. We recommend not filling the pod completely, in order to avoid any leakage.

The Uwell Whirl S2 can be powered on and off by using the firing button on the side of the device. 

The first thing to check is whether your vape needs charging. Using the included USB-C charging cable, plug your vape into a high-quality wall plug and leave it for a while. 

If you find that after charging, this still continues, try removing the pod and wiping it over with a tissue. You can also wipe inside the vape, where the pod and battery meet (you’ll be able to see this after removing the pod). Sometimes, if your e-liquid has leaked slightly, it can disrupt the communication with the battery. 

If problems continue to persist, contact the manufacturer or your vape supplier where you purchased it from. 

Pros & Cons of the Uwell Whirl S2

The Uwell Whirl S2 is a great pod kit for both first-time and existing vapers.


  • Easy to use pods
  • Simple coil change
  • Lightweight


  • No autofire
  • Fire button could be more prominent
uwell whirl s2


Body & Appearance:
Pod & Coils:
Ease of Use:
Flavour & Vapour:

Overall Rating: 



For only £24.99, this simple pod kit is a solid selection for newer vapers. I’d recommend this device for recent ex-smokers; with its fibre drip tips, it easily can replicate the feeling of a cigarette.

With two coils to choose from, both are designed for use with high-PG E-Liquids, like salt nicotine or 50/50 juices.

Remember, you will always be able to purchase legitimate devices and e-liquids from the best UK vape stores.

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