Where To Go To Stop Smoking

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Where To Go To Stop Smoking

The Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) recently released data about Stop Smoking services in England, with some startling results. Let's take a closer look at the data and discuss what this means for British smokers.

Looking to stop smoking? The CCG (Clinical Commissioning Group) frequently researches and publishes data on the assessment of the medical needs of those in a local area, strategizing what services need to be prioritised. The CCG is made up of a panel of relevant bodies, including GPs and clinicians, responsible for approximately two thirds of the NHS budget and how it is used. 

With £17.04bn spent every year on smoking in England, there’s never been a better time to remove yourself from contributing to that number further!

But there are so many options—where do I start? Which one is best for me? Who do I speak to? Some people may need support emotionally, or just something to keep their hands busy—either way, there’s something for everyone.

Let’s talk through your options.

CCG Figures: Key Findings

Recent data from the CCG with regard to smoking cessation aids has provided us with some shocking facts to consider:

  • 12 areas in the UK don’t have a singular NHS stop smoking service
  • In those 12 areas, there is an average of half a million smokers without access to support
  • Of the multiple CCGs in the UK, nearly 1 in 10 are based in an area without a stop smoking service
  • The top 10 areas that are considered the ‘worst’ for stop smoking services covers 454, 906 smokers, whereas the top 10 ‘best’ areas have 17 services for 286,747 smokers

Stop Smoking with Your Local NHS service

If you consider yourself to be a heavy smoker, you may want to get support from your local Stop Smoking Scheme. You can access this via referral from your GP or other healthcare provider, or even refer yourself!

Your NHS service can offer you:

  • One-to-one or a group stop smoking sessions. These sessions can be done in person or remotely, so stopping smoking doesn’t have to interrupt your life!
  • Stop smoking treatments, such as medication like Bupropion, or nicotine replacement therapy, like patches or gum.

These services can also be used if you haven’t made a decision yet! Whether you’re looking to quit cold turkey or just make some steps to improve your health, contacting your local stop smoking advisor is a great start.

It’s important to note, however, that quitting cold turkey is proven to be the least successful cessation method, with only 3-5% remaining smoke-free after a year.

Why do we need stop smoking services?

It’s no secret that smoking can be critical to your health, as well as your back pocket. Statistics reveal that nearly 78,000 people die per year in the UK due to smoking, and half a million being hospitalised for the same reason. In the UK, smoking is the number none preventable cause of death!

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However, it’s not just smokers themselves who are affected by this. You have to take into account medical issues that may have been caused by exposure to second hand smoke, as well as the £17.04 billion cost to society. Once again, this isn’t just medical—this includes the cleaning of streets and smoking areas, as well as maintenance for in-bin or on-wall ash trays.

Best & Worst Areas for Stop Smoking Services

England's 10 Best & Worst Areas for Stop Smoking Support
Source: Vapekit

As the graphic above shows, heavily populated areas like Central and West London came out top in the listing for the stop smoking services. This is unsurprising, given that it’s the country’s capital, but still doesn’t excuse the lack in the areas listed on the right hand side.

However, areas in the north of the country, such as Leeds, Solihull, and Birmingham only have one service between them. The singular service, located in Solihull, covers over 173,743 smokers in its surrounding areas, which is a huge ratio, meaning the service is stretched thin for potential quitters.

Why don't I have a local stop smoking service?

According to the CCG, who oversee the stop smoking cessations that the NHS offers, almost half a million people in England do not have access to stop smoking support.

If you live in Central or West London, Surrey or West Sussex, then good news! These areas have been rated in having some of the best stop smoking services, with one support service per 16,867 smokers. 

Unfortunately, this isn’t the same for the whole country. Following the CCG’s investigation, 10 of the worst areas for support were revealed. The 10 locations, including Ealing, Cumbria and Bolton were reported to have zero services accessible to the 454,906 smokers there.

Stop Smoking Support Service to Smoker Ratio
Source: Vapekit

Where has the best stop smoking service?

According to the data by the CCG, there are two areas which could be considered the best for local stop smoking services. 

In West Sussex, there are 6 (the highest number of stop smoking services in one area), which services an average of 105,569 smokers. This works out to each service covering around 17,600 people.

In Surrey, however, there is only one service. Surrey has on average 10,287 smokers, significantly less than West Sussex. This does mean that the service in Surrey can focus on its smaller number of smokers, hence requiring less support. 


The data definitely shows that the access to smoking cessation services isn’t balanced country-wide. If you are quitting, well done and keep going!

Although many may be left feeling defeated that they don’t have a local stopping service, it doesn’t mean you are without support!

Speaking to your GP or joining an online community can also help you in your journey to quitting smoking. 

We also have a wide range of advice for stopping smoking on our site, as well as recommendations for the best vape kits to help you quit.


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