Riot E-Liquid is Looking to Hire Sajid Javid as their New Head of Public Health

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Riot E-Liquid is Looking to Hire Sajid Javid as their New Head of Public Health

Riot E-Liquid is capitalising on the recent upheaval of the UK government by addressing Sajid Javid directly, requesting that he apply to be their Head of Public Health to promote vaping to the WHO and to support the company’s goal of achieving a smoke-free world by 2030.

Sajid Javid is a conservative British Member of Parliament who served as Secretary of State for Health and Social Care under Boris Johnson’s administration, having previously served as Home Secretary and Chancellor of the Exchequer.

Last week, Sajid Javid resigned from Johnson’s administration, and he was replaced by Steve Barclay, former chief of staff. Barclay has been known to oppose further spending on the NHS.

Upon accepting his new role, Barclay said: “It is an honour to take up the position of Health and Social Care Secretary. Our NHS and social care staff have showed us time and again—throughout the pandemic and beyond—what it means to work with compassion and dedication to transform lives.”

Sajid Javid

Following this debacle, Riot E-Liquid—formerly known as Riot Squad—declared on Twitter and LinkedIn: “💥 NEW ROLE ALERT!💥” 

It looks like Riot is hiring!

Who is Riot E-Liquid?

Riot E-Liquid is a UK-based E-Liquid manufacturer with one specific goal in mind: to get smokers to make the switch to vaping to eventually achieve a smoke-free world.

Riot is an industry leader in smoking cessation. They’ve taken many steps to promote vaping as a healthier alternative to smoking, including the Riot Rehab bus tour and the company’s unique 4-step R.I.O.T. quit-smoking plan. They also created a special hybrid nic salt formula which is specifically designed to help smokers make the switch.

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Riot also produces the world’s first “carbon negative” disposable vape, which is made of a biodegradable plastic material and can be recycled in one of many Riot Recycle bins located in several participating countries. These amazing disposables are also sweetened with Stevia—a naturally-occurring sweetener. Plus, Riot offsets the carbon emissions from shipping their goods by planting trees. 

How did Riot address Sajid Javid?

On 6th July, 2022, Riot E-Liquid announced on social media, “We’re hiring a HEAD OF PUBLIC HEALTH to support the use of e-cigarettes and help achieve a smoke-free world. One for you @sajidjavid? 🤷‍♂️ #publichealth #smokefree #ecigarette”

The ad specifically addresses Sajid Javid, saying, “We know you’re now jobless after leaving that jobsworth” (a jobsworth, in derogatory slang, is “an official who upholds petty rules even at the expense of humanity or common sense”).

In their message to Javid, Riot continues: “The timing is perfect. Riot Labs are hiring for an exciting new role to help achieve a smoke free world. The e-cigarette industry’s first ever: Head of Public Health.”

The company cites Sajid Javid’s previous support of vaping as a smoking cessation aid as their reasoning for requesting him for the role. They also refer to the recent events of Downing Street, saying, “We know you don’t back Boris but you do back e-cigarettes as a means to quit smoking so you’re the perfect man for the job.”

It’s an interesting idea: a vape company hiring a politician to ensure that the government and the WHO follow the emerging scientific evidence on vaping (as they should). And given that the UK is a frontrunner among pro-vaping countries, this tactic could make Riot one of the leaders in the industry—though it could just as easily be a blunder if Sajid Javid fails to make any meaningful difference in the world of e-cigarette legislation.

What is Riot looking for?

The company detailed the specs of the role, catering specifically to Sajid Javid’s reputation and areas of expertise. They’ve said that they’re looking for:

  • A figurehead with an actual backbone to campaign for e-cigarettes in the UK and International markets
  • Experience in developing and implementing strategies to achieve a smoke free world by 2030
  • A willingness to expose more liars and leverage your contacts at the WHO to change their anti e-cigarette stance and policy
  • Oversee Riot Labs quit smoking campaign including the Riot Rehab Bus tour and our unique R.I.O.T. 4-step quit smoking plan

At the end of Riot’s letter, they state that the salary is “enough to purchase golden wallpaper like Boris and Carrie + travel expenses + dental.”

This is cheeky, of course, but it sounds like an incredible position that could really change the direction of vaping legislation in the UK and beyond. This is the sort of industry news we like to hear.

Hopefuls—including, yes, Sajid Javid—can apply by emailing [email protected].

Riot E-Liquid is Looking to Hire Sajid Javid as their New Head of Public Health

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