Riot E-Liquid BLCK EDTN Review: 3 New Premium Nic Salt Flavours!

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Riot E-Liquid BLCK EDTN Review: 3 New Premium Nic Salt Flavours!

Riot E-Liquid—formerly known as Riot Squad—just debuted 3 premium hybrid salt nicotine juices in their all-new BLCK EDTN line-up: Sour Cherry & Apple, Mango Vanilla Ice Cream, and Deluxe Passionfruit & Rhubarb!

Last month, Riot E-Liquid premiered 3 new flavours in their all-new BLCK EDTN range. The range includes a few existing flavours, like Pure Frozen Acai, Ultra Peach Tea, and Rich Black Grape—but they’ve also debuted 3 brand spankin’ new flavours, available in both 50ml shortfills and 10ml “hybrid” nic salts.

I was lucky enough to receive samples of the new BLCK EDTN nic salts in a 10mg strength (with a few bottles of each flavour), so I got a chance to try these juices for an extended period of time for this E-Liquid review.

Let’s get into my impressions of the flavours!

Sour Cherry & Apple Hybrid Nic Salt E-Liquid by Riot BLCK EDTN

Sour Cherry & Apple Hybrid Nic Salt E-Liquid by Riot BLCK EDTN

Flavour Profile: Cherry, Apple, Sour Candy

Rating: 5 stars



I didn’t expect to love this flavour—in truth, I don’t usually go for cherry or apple flavours, let alone sour candy ones. But this was the flavour I kept filling my pod with. I couldn’t help but get the taste of sour hard candies with this juice: sweet, sour, and mouth-watering.

The sour kick is really subtle on the inhale, but it carries through to the exhale so very nicely and lingers in the aftertaste. The flavour is sweet but not overly so, and both fruits are really nicely balanced. While the cherries bring a sort of dark richness, this is offset by the light, crisp flavour of the apples. Finished off with that stellar sour punch, this juice is really one for the record books.

I wouldn’t change a single thing about this flavour—even as someone who usually prefers ice in her nic salts. Of all the BLCK EDTN salts, this was my absolute favourite, which was a complete shock to me as someone who wouldn’t usually go for any of the advertised elements of this juice.

Mango Vanilla Ice Cream Hybrid Nic Salt E-Liquid by Riot BLCK EDTN

Mango Vanilla Ice Cream Hybrid Nic Salt E-Liquid by Riot BLCK EDTN

Flavour Profile: Mango, Vanilla, Ice Cream

Rating: 4 stars



I was really, really excited about this one. Two of my favourite flavour profiles—mango and vanilla—combined in an ice cream base? Sign me the heck up!

There was no ice, though. That was a shame, as the flavour was nice overall but was really missing that icy aftertaste.

The mango is rather muted, somewhat overpowered by the vanilla flavour—though the vanilla itself was really nice and decadent. The mango lends a nice, gentle juiciness, though it could’ve been stronger.

I really, deeply wish there was some ice to this ice cream, as the creaminess and the vanilla make for a very warm vape. That didn’t really sit well as I was vaping it in my warm, unventilated flat.

What should’ve been a homerun seasonal flavour was a bit too warm for my summer taste, though I’m sure if I revisit it in the winter, I’ll like it a lot more. If you like the sound of this flavour and don’t enjoy icy nic salts, I’m sure you’ll love it.

Deluxe Passionfruit & Rhubarb Hybrid Nic Salt E-Liquid by Riot BLCK EDTN

Deluxe Passionfruit & Rhubarb Hybrid Nic Salt E-Liquid by Riot BLCK EDTN

Flavour Profile: Passion Fruit, Rhubarb

Rating: 3 stars



Above all else, I got “sweet” and “vaguely fruity” from this flavour, and not much else. Neither the passion fruit nor the rhubarb were particularly distinct, though they did lend a general fruitiness. If I was blindfolded when I tried it and was asked to name the flavour, I’d have been at a huge loss. I will say that if you just like a sweet, semi-tropical vape, you’ll probably like this flavour.

I’m rather picky—I like my sweet flavours to be balanced with something else—such as a citrus, sour, or ice flavour. Otherwise, the taste and sweetness get a bit cloying with time.

Of the three new BLCK EDTN flavours, this one was my least favourite. With that being said, I did manage to vape two full 10ml bottles of it without issue—I just don’t think I’ll be rushing back to buy it any time soon.

What are “Hybrid” Nicotine Salts?

Hybrid salt nic juices (like the ones found in the BLCK EDTN range) are Riot’s famous nic salt formula, made with a combination of both salt nicotine and freebase nicotine. These eJuices have been designed to provide the best option to those attempting to quit smoking, in line with Riot’s mission to get smokers to quit.

You might already know this, but both types of nicotine have their own pros and cons. For instance, nic salts deliver a nicer throat hit at higher nicotine strengths, while also allowing the nicotine to enter the body quicker than freebase nicotine. These vape juices are the favoured choice among recent ex-smokers. On the other hand, freebase nicotine provides a really flavoursome vape, but tends to get harsher in throat hit the higher the strength is.

When combined, these two types of vape juice create a flavourful vape with a nice, sharp throat hit and an ultra-fast “nic fix,” making them perfect for those who are accustomed to smoking cigarettes.


Riot E-Liquid has delivered another delicious range of nic salts in their BLCK EDTN range—though as a lover of ice flavours, I was sad to see no new icy nic salts in the line-up.

The juices come in 10ml bottles with the company’s patented bullet-shaped lid, available in three nicotine strengths: 5mg, 10mg, and 20mg. I was so glad to have received the 10mg strength, as I haven’t been able to vape 20mg (the usual strength of a nic salt sample) regularly since a few months after I fully quit smoking.

Riot is paving the way for a whole legion of new vapers to enjoy their amazing hybrid salts, and the BLCK EDTN range adds a ritzy new shine to their existing range of incredible flavours.

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