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Overfilled Vapes Flood the UK in Jaw-Dropping Exposé

The recent news about the overfilled Elf Bars, Crystal Bars and Lost Marys are causing massive debate on vaping health and safety and regulative reliability. Let’s get to the truth behind what is going on with the overfilled vape situation in the UK…

What happened with Elf Bar overfilling?

The truth behind Elf Bar overfilling their disposable Elf Bar 600 range was revealed by the Daily Mail in an effort to see if this giant of the vaping industry is following the rules like everyone else; they created an investigation.

In fact, it was not only Elf Bar 600s but also Crystal Bars. In fact, Lost Marys were found to contain 80% more overall volume. The Elf Bar 600s simply received more publicity.

What they found was that some disposable vapes were being ‘overfilled’, which is defined by the quantity of E-Liquid in some of their devices exceeding the TPD regulatory limit of 2ml. Some by 50% (3ml of E-Liquid), and Lost Marys by 80% (3.6ml).

If you got one, what you would have essentially received is more of the product you wanted for free—which, in my opinion, isn’t all that bad!

However, I can totally understand how receiving a product which is different from what it says it is on the box can be disconcerting and is certainly not good, especially when it comes to the consumption of nicotine products and even more so coming from one of the most reputable disposable vape manufacturers on the planet.

The ‘overfilled’ disposables in question were found for sale in large supermarkets such as Morrisons, Sainsburys and Tesco. All of the stock is being changed.

The safety of using the overfilled 3ml+ disposable variant is exactly the same as their compliant TDP 2ml.

Yes, there is more nicotine inside the vape, but there is also more E-Liquid, which balances the strength to be identical to the 2ml TDP model. You’ve essentially just got an additional half of a disposable.

This does explain why we could never see the E-Liquid inside of these devices, which I always thought was slightly dubious considering how long they last in comparison to my refillable 2ml tanks.

Elf Bar Overfilled

Why is my Elf Bar not lasting as long?

Due to the capacity change, you will experience that your vape does not last as long as it used to. This is happening with the Elf Bar 600, the Elf Bar Lost Mary, and the Crystal Bar by SKE.

If you were previously vaping these models, you would no longer experience the same amount of puffs as before. As, of course, it has ⅓ less E-Liquid for the Elf Bar 600 and 1.8ml less for Lost Mary.

Now you have become accustomed to the higher-volume capacity ‘overfilled’ vapes, of course, the 2ml TPD version will only last you a short time comparatively. You will be forced to purchase 3-4 vapes for the same amount of E-Liquid you would have gotten in 2…This is BIG news.

It does not mean that you have a faulty vape or that the vape is fake; it simply has less juice!

As you will now have to buy far units to get the same amount of vape you would have gotten in the ‘overfilled’ vapes; you should look into getting yourself a re-fillable device. They are far cheaper in the long run.

Side note: Always check the authenticity of your disposable using the scratch-off QR checker on the packaging to confirm your device is, in fact, original and not counterfeit.

dont panic about elf Bar not lasting

E-Liquid Capacity vs Nicotine Strength

The regulations set by TDP are that no nicotine-containing product can exceed a limit of 2ml and a strength of 20mg/ml.

This is primarily in place to ensure the safety of people with accidental consumption of said E-Liquid.

Which, of course, makes sense, though it also means uk vapers are forced into producing more waste than international users.

However, the reasoning behind the regulation is that the health risks of drinking nicotine are serious, and more than 2ml of 20mg is absolutely dangerous.

However, when consumed in small controlled amounts, as is intended through vaping, you do not run any serious risks other than getting “nic sick”, feeling nauseous, dizzy and experiencing increased heart rate. (symptoms may vary).

The overfilled Elf Bar 600s did not contain an increased percentage of nicotine content—just an increase in the overall volume of nicotine and E-Liquid, which is very different.

Debunking The Vaping Safety Concerns

The overfilled Elf Bar disposables are just as safe to use; your experience vaping them in comparison to other vaping products will be identical, aside from the fact that the overfilled disposable vape would last longer, meaning you’d buy fewer of them.

The way they function is identical to any other disposable vape, and the vapour you’d inhale is exactly the same.

Some of you may be concerned about the issues of vaping and consuming more than you thought you were, and to a degree, you’re not wrong.

However, I have read a study showing that your body self-titrates its levels of nicotine, meaning as the nicotine concentration has remained the same, your dependency will be identical. You would be fine vaping an overfilled vape.

The only change is your overall exposure time. As it has a larger tank with more E-Liquid, you can vape more before buying another—think of it like unknowingly buying a 1.5l bottle of apple juice over a 1.0l bottle.

You won’t change your pattern of how often you use it; it will just last longer. What’s inside is the same, both in nicotine concentration and contents of PG/VG (Propylene Glycol/ Vegetable Glycerin) alongside flavourings.

Vaping Nicotine Self-Titration
Source: Self-titration by experienced e-cigarette users

Elf Bars’ Response to Overfilling Vapes

It is crucial to know Elf Bar is taking this breach in legislation seriously and acting swiftly.

Of course, receiving anything not as labelled on the packet is unsettling, and the fact that Elf Bar has not complied with the UK regulations is not good. Hence the apology.

Therefore, they will be withdrawing all non-regulatory stock from the market and will be swiftly continuing to sell the TPD-compliant 2ml variant of the Elf Bar 600 with a closer eye on ensuring that all of their produce is in line with the regulations.

Elf Bar has stated in their meeting with the Medicines & Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) that “We did not find any issues with nicotine strength or anything that might mean the products’ safety is compromised in any way.” It is simply a non-compliant liquid volume.

It is plausible that Elf Bar was sending some non-TPD bars (overfilled disposables) to the UK accidentally, as the larger tank capacity options are permitted and available in the US and other international markets.

Though it seems likely that if this is happening with the ‘big-boys’ like SKE and Elf Bar, the disposable market is most likely flooded with many more “overfilled” disposable vapes (<2ml).

Presumably, in an attempt to remain competitive. Retrospectively it is dubiously exceptional how long some disposables last, and interesting how few devices have E-Liquid sight windows. 

Importantly I must note that my belief concerning other non-accused companies following suit in this ‘overfilling’ is purely speculative and exclusively my opinion.

Elfbar official apology

Misinformation About Overfilled Disposables

With this kind of information coming to light, various people have taken to the spotlight, spouting incorrect information and spreading it carelessly throughout the internet—as is commonplace in the 21st century.
Do not be alarmed by the inaccuracies found in these posts.

Companies such as The Royal Mail and Ladbible; are infamous for false news. The falsities they state in their fear-mongering articles indicate a need for more understanding of the subject, which is what we hope to provide.
As stated below: “Over 80% nicotine maximum” is untrue.

The quantity of E-Liquid is 80% over the maximum TPD allowance. However, the nicotine is not exceeding 20mg/ml whatsoever.

Thus it is considered somewhat ‘overfilled’ aka, larger tank capacity and E-Liquid quantity.

The explicitness of this information is crucial; as I have previously stated, it makes a considerable difference whether the quantity is different or if it is the concentration!

Writer Michelle at Ecigclick has created an excellent article which goes deeper into the “shoddy reporting” you may have seen across the internet and on the news—you should check it out if you haven’t already.


What a mess! I cannot express how much this article has pained me to write; as a strong advocate for vaping, I take pride in assuring people about how well-regulated and thoroughly controlled the safety procedures take place throughout the manufacture of vaping products.

This reassurance is paramount for aiding those in need of quitting traditional cigarettes and especially for reassuring sceptic users.

Of course, there are no quality issues, but when a breach of conduct occurs such as this, it damages the reputation of vaping safety and allows for media worms to crawl in and dissuade people from using what is an undeniably better option to smoking.

I am thankful that the quality of the accused produce is entirely fine. 

I believe all of this overfilled controversy to be a result of competitive bending of the rules. I am also incredibly pleased to see such a transparent, fast and effective response and action taken by Elf Bar. 

Now this information has become public, lots of disposable companies will be following the example, and although our beloved disposable vapes will last a far shorter time; now more than ever, it gives further reasoning to the benefits of purchasing and using a reusable vape where you maintain greater control. 

On top of this, with disposables now becoming more expensive to use with them inevitably lasting shorter, it is also a far smarter financial decision.

Do not let this news discourage you from vaping whatsoever. Considering how strong regulations already were previously it will only become safer and safer looking forwards. And ignore the fools who spread nonsense about vaping!

If you fancy getting into a refillable vape device and want to see how much you can save if you convert you might like our article on the Best Vaping Tips For The 2023 Cost of Living Crisis.

As always, I hope you enjoyed this article! 

Happy vaping!

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