Mi-Pod 2.0+ Review: From Failure to Fail-Proof

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Mi-Pod 2.0+ Review

After the Mi-Pod 2.0 release was plagued with a stifling 80% fault rate, Smoking Vapor has finally debuted their new and improved model: the Mi-Pod 2.0+. Let’s take a closer look at the device!

The original Mi-Pod was designed by Smoking Vapor—an American company based in Phoenix, Arizona—and was a slam dunk for the vape hardware industry. A small, box-shaped device available in an array of colour palettes with a no-fuss interface, lanyard compatibility, and your choice of replaceable pod colours—what’s not to love?

The Mi-Pod PRO and PRO+ devices were similarly successful. In fact, the PRO+ is still being sold today.

Then came the faulty Mi-Pod 2.0—a smudge on the Mi-Pod series’ record. The Mi-Pod 2.0+ (also called the Mi-Pod 2.0 PLUS) hopes to rectify these faults—so, we’re here to dissect the device and let you know if it’s really worth getting this time around.

Mi-Pod 2.0+ Vape Kit

The Mi-Pod 2.0+ Vape Kit is the new & improved pod from Smoking Vapor. The 2.0+ is backed by a 1250mAh battery and features inhale activation, pods with built-in coils, and a tactile power switch. Plus, the 2.0+ has upgraded pins to ensure no pod connection issues and houses a sturdier USB-C port.


  • Compact & beginner-friendly pod
  • Supports MTL & RDTL vaping
  • 1250mAh built-in battery
  • Auto-draw activation
  • USB-C charging
  • Comes with 2 x lanyard connectors

Package Contents:

  • 1 x Mi-Pod 2.0 Device
  • 2 x Mi-Pod 2.0 Pods (0.9Ω mesh coil)
  • 2 x Lanyard connectors (Lanyard sold separately)
  • USB Type-C charging cable
    User Manual
Product Price Battery Weight Dimensions
72mm x 45mm x 11mm

What was wrong with the Mi-Pod 2.0?

The Mi-Pod 2.0 was set to begin production during the pandemic. While we don’t know the specifics of what happened next, we do know that at some point, the factory in China that was producing the Mi-Pod 2.0 had to change suppliers for the internal connection pins used inside the device—the pins which connect the pod to the battery.

As Smoking Vapor was in another country at the time and couldn’t visit the factory to inspect the parts due to COVID-19, production went ahead.

And when the Mi-Pod 2.0 was released, over 80% of the devices had faults relating to those pesky connection pins. This was a massive loss for the company.

Still, Smoking Vapor took this hit with stride and decided to revamp the 2.0 model and rectify the issues—namely, the faulty connection pins and the poorly constructed micro-USB charging port.

And while the Mi-Pod 2.0+ still carries the namesake of the flawed device that came before it, we’re hoping (/praying) that this new device is better than its predecessor.

Mi-Pod 2.0+ Vape Kit In Hand
Mi-Pod 2.0+ Box Contents

Mi-Pod 2.0+ Overview

After having tried the previous model, the 2.0, I was thrilled to have the chance to test the new and improved Mi-Pod 2.0+. I received the Dark Scales finish, which has a sleek black plastic frame with a scaly, almost leathery (though not as luxurious) textured body.

The 2.0+, weighing just over 46g fully assembled, is a matchbox-style pod system with tons of power but few customisation options. Still, the device is handy-dandy and has a few unique features, like the heretofore unseen physical on/off switch. Plus, the device uses pods with built-in coils, which makes maintenance an absolute breeze.

It was a strange and perhaps damaging choice on Smoking Vapor’s part to name the device the 2.0+. Not only does this still carry the “stink” of the previous device’s failures—it’s also far more difficult to search for online.

Go ahead. I’ll give you a minute to Google “Mi-Pod 2.0+”—chances are, you’ll get a load of results for the 2.0. This was just bad marketing on Mi-Pod’s part.

Still, the Mi-Pod 2.0+ has learned from its predecessor’s mistakes—not only with the connection pins, but also with the charging port (more on this later).

Body & Appearance

The device sits perfectly in the palm of your hand and has a lovely shape to it. It’s quite slim in comparison to the original Mi-Pod, and even lighter than the 2.0 model.

At first glance, you’ll notice the sleek plastic frame embossed with a scaly textured fabric, which serves as a nice grip overall. On either side of the device, you’ll find the raised “M” logo (for Mi-Pod) sitting just below the lanyard connection slot. Here, you can insert the included lanyard connectors and attach a lanyard of your choosing.

The device has one curved edge and one flat side, and the flat side holds the USB-C port, the tactile on/off switch, and the 4 battery life indicator lights.

Mi-Pod 2.0+ Lanyard Connector

Aside from the pod on top and the compliance markings on the bottom of the device, that’s about all there is! It’s a very simple design that’s executed well, made extra lightweight by the materials used. While I personally don’t mind a bit of heft to my vape and would’ve preferred a metal body, I know many vapers will really love the lightweight feel of the Mi-Pod 2.0+.

I’m a little perplexed as to why the company chose to release the device with every finish being a scale texture in different colours. Maybe this is because I’m not a huge fan of the pattern in general, but I couldn’t help but think: what will the vegans say? Surely, a series of different patterns, even different animal prints, would appeal to a wider demographic. Why scales?

Aside from this minor qualm with the available finishes, I don’t have anything really negative to say about the design of the Mi-Pod 2.0+.

Mi-Pod 2.0+ Box Front
Mi-Pod 2.0+ Box Back

Features & Performance

The Mi-Pod 2.0+ has a very minimal interface, with no buttons, menus, or controls besides the physical on/off switch. With the device fully charged, simply insert the pod, make sure the device is switched on, and vape away!

I love the battery indicator lights, and the physical on/off switch is excellent for many reasons. It’s great to have a tactile switch on the device for the visually impaired and for those who struggle with tiny buttons. Plus, since the Mi-Pod 2.0+ requires so little maintenance, it’s a really accessible choice for just about anyone.

One feature that’s lacking from this device is adjustable airflow. As it stands, the Mi-Pod 2.0+ has a very airy RDTL inhale—but for those of us who prefer a tighter MTL draw, there’s simply no wiggle room. The device would get a much higher rating from me if the airflow was adjustable.

For the price, I’d expect to see a few more features on the Mi-Pod 2.0+.

The device performed well over a period of roughly 12 hours, and in that time, I vaped pretty heavily. The flavour production was spot on, if a bit diluted because of the wider airflow.

Battery & Charging

The Mi-Pod 2.0+ comes equipped with a built-in 1250mAh battery, which can be recharged via the USB type-C port located on the side of the device.

1250mAh is a great size for a pod vape—especially one which uses coils below a 1.0Ω (ohm) resistance (the 2.0+ uses pods with built-in 0.9Ω coils). This is because lower resistance coils consume more battery life.

The device’s predecessor, the 2.0, had micro USB charging, which many customers complained about—not only for the charging speed, but for the frailty of the port itself. The micro USB port on the previous device was flimsy and easily broken, which led to charging issues in many of the devices.

Mi-Pod 2.0+ Charging

Thankfully, the Mi-Pod 2.0+ has USB-C charging, which has a much sturdier port to charge from. And while this doesn’t change the amount of time it takes to charge, which can be well over an hour, at least we now get a rugged, more functional charging port.

Still, though—an hour and fifteen minutes is far too long for a single charge.


I was a little discouraged when I heard that Smoking Vapor would be revamping the Mi-Pod 2.0 but not the pods. My experience of the 2.0 device was shoddy at best: it either didn’t work because of the pod connection issues, or it did work, but the pod gurgled and spat non-stop. Of course, I marked the latter down as a fault in the pods and not the device.

Mi-Pod 2.0+ Pod Out
Mi-Pod 2.0+ Pod Fill Port

So, when given this device to try, I had some reservations about the pod, seeing as how every one I’d tried was simply unusable.

Here’s the kicker, though: the packaging of the Mi-Pod 2.0+ (as well as the Mi-Pod 2.0) says “Any E-Liquid,” meaning the Mi-Pod can supposedly be used with any type of E-Liquid. This simply isn’t the case and Mi-Pod should remove this from their packaging.

In reality, when using a shortfill E-Liquid with a 70% VG content, the pods spit and gurgle to no end. When using a high-PG vape juice, like a nic salt, this problem is almost entirely negated.

So, this time, I opted to use some of the official Elf Bar E-Liquids, 50% VG and 50% PG, which resulted in a much better experience overall. Consistent flavour, albeit airier than I’m used to, and much less spitback.

If I could make one complaint about these pods, it’s that they’re not compatible with “any E-Liquid” like they’re advertised to be.

Mi-Pod 2.0+ Box
"Any E-Liquid" icon on the right

Using the Mi-Pod 2.0+

Overall, I found the performance of the device to be really nice, though I would call this more of an RDTL vape than an MTL one. If you prefer a tight, warm MTL draw, you likely won’t be satisfied with the 2.0+ and its wide airflow.

But if you love an airy RDTL vape, you’ll adore the simplicity and ease-of-use of the 2.0+.

Mi-Pod 2.0+ - Pod Out

Who should get the Mi-Pod 2.0+?

This device is an excellent choice for new vapers and experienced vapers looking for something that requires less maintenance. Plus, if you’re someone who likes to carry their vape around their neck, you’ll find that the 2.0+ is a nice, lightweight accessory.

Plus, if you have any physical problems that make working a vape difficult, such as issues with dexterity or visual impairment, you’ll find the new 2.0+ incredibly accessible and easy to use!

Mi-Pod 2.0+ FAQs

The box says “any E-Liquid,” but my testing indicated otherwise. We recommend only using high-PG E-Liquids such as nic salts or 50/50 juices.

Coil lifespan is dependent on a number of factors, from the way you vape to how sweet your E-Liquids are. Normally, the sweeter the E-Liquid, the shorter the coil (pod) life.

Generally speaking, the pod should last you about a week before it’ll need changing—but again, this will vary from user to user.

Battery life will depend on how frequently you vape and how long your inhales are.

For me, a frequent vaper, the device lasted about 12 hours from a full battery. For most standard vapers, I’d expect the Mi-Pod 2.0+ to last about a full day.

The charging port can be found on the side of the device. It uses a USB-C charging cable, which comes with the device. 

We recommend that you charge your vape using the included cable with a high-quality wall plug, like the one that comes with a smartphone.

You should never charge your device through an external device, such as a games console or PC, as this will degrade your vape battery over time.

To refill the pod, simply remove the pod from the device and open the fill port flap.

From there, fill the pod, seal the silicone latch tightly, and voila! You’re ready to vape!

The Mi-Pod 2.0+ has a tactile on/off switch located on the side of the device to make powering on and off easy-peasy.

If you’re experiencing spitting or “spitback” from your Mi-Pod 2.0+, there are a few steps you can take to fix this.

First, ensure you’re using the correct E-Liquid type. We recommend using a liquid with a VG content no higher than 60%.

Next, remove the pod from the battery and use a piece of kitchen roll or tissue to clean the outside. Using the same piece of tissue, flip the pod upside down and wrap it in the tissue, then blow sharply into the bottom of the pod.

This should help to expel any excess E-Liquid from inside the mouthpiece.

Pros & Cons of the Mi-Pod 2.0+


  • Sturdier USB-C charging port
  • No pod connection issues!
  • Really stunning build
  • Incredibly slim & lightweight
  • Perfect size mouthpiece for RDTL draw
  • Accessible for all sorts of vapers


  • Plastic frame feels cheap
  • Not really an MTL vape (more for RDTL)
  • Long charging time (over 1 hour)
  • Static/non-adjustable airflow
  • Slightly overpriced for what you get
Mi-Pod 2.0+ Vape Kit


Body & Appearance:
Pod & Coils:
Ease of Use:
Flavour & Vapour:

Overall Rating: 



We’re so thrilled to see that the all-new Mi-Pod 2.0+ has rectified the mistakes of the previous model and ushered in a new era of Mi-Pod excellence once more.

Though, to be fair, it’s hard to do worse than the faults of the Mi-Pod 2.0. Still, this new device is an excellent upgrade, though I do wish there were other colours available. 

I feel that the 2.0+ is a really great little vape, though a bit overpriced for what you get. Surely, for £39.99,  they could’ve chucked in a free lanyard or fast charging or adjustable airflow—anything.

And while I’m not crazy about the scaly finishes, this is a lovely, sturdy little vape that I know I’ll be using for a good long while.

Looking for something a little different? Check out our review of the Uwell Whirl S2!

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