How to Use Your First Pod Kit: An Amazingly Hassle-Free Device for 2022

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How to Use Your First Pod Kit

With pod kits being the simpler alternative for vapers looking to make the switch from disposables, many people may be at a loss for how to properly use their new device.

There’s no doubt that disposables are a convenient alternative for those who are looking to either cut down or give up smoking cigarettes, but a full vaping kit might not suit those who just want to simply pick up and vape.

The best pod kits land somewhere in between, offering both the convenience of a disposable plus the reliability and eco-friendliness of a full vape kit. 

This guide will take you through the basics of using your first pod kit and keeping it in full working order—it’s simple!

How to Set Up Your Pod Kit

Setting up your pod kit only takes a few minutes. It requires a small amount of maintenance to get started, but we promise it’ll be worth it!

Once you’ve unpacked your device, you’ll find your device and your pod. The device will likely need to be charged, either via the included cable or a spare one you have lying around (though we only recommend using high-quality cables for the sake of your battery’s lifespan).

Pick up and inspect the empty pod. You’ll need to fill it with vape juice to begin.

A majority of pods will have a small rubber stopper or similar mechanism over the fill port which simply opens and closes. Here, simply fill the pod about 80% of the way full, as overfilling your pod can lead to excess E-Liquid “spitting” from the mouthpiece.

Remember to correctly close the stopper on your pod to avoid any leaking juice, which can damage the device and its battery.

You’ll then need to let the pod sit for around 5 minutes. This is so the cotton inside the pod can be fully primed and saturated by soaking up the juice.

It’s important to let the wicking material sit in the liquid so it can absorb as much E-Liquid as possible, so that when you start vaping, you won’t get that awful burning taste.

Unfortunately, once you’ve burnt your coil, it’s a goner—so to ensure you never waste a coil (or your money), make sure you properly prime your pod every time you replace it. There’s no saving a burnt coil.

Pods: Built-In vs. Changeable Coils

Pod kits, which utilise pods, have two main coil configurations: built-in coils and changeable coils. This may seem like a negligible factor, but it can mean the difference between weekly maintenance and refill-only maintenance.

Essentially, all pods either come with coils which are built into the pods and cannot be removed, or they come with a single, sturdier pod which utilises changeable coils. 

Regardless of which type you’ve chosen, the same rules apply: ensure that you prime your coil by letting it sit in the liquid before you start vaping. If you opt for a pod kit that takes changeable coils, you can also drip a few drops of E-Liquid onto the exposed wicking material (the small white cotton holes) on the coil before inserting it into the pod and filling to make the priming process more efficient.

Built-In Coils

Those who are seeking a vape experience similar to a disposable will likely prefer built-in coils, as these pods are designed to be refilled a few times, then discarded entirely once the vapour starts to taste burnt or loses its flavour.

These pod kits require less maintenance, as they only need to be refilled, but the coils in the pods tend to degrade slightly quicker than changeable coils do. Most pods with built-in coils can last anywhere from a few days up to a week.

Changeable Coils

If you don’t mind a tiny bit more maintenance, you may choose to opt for a pod kit that uses changeable coils. The pods for these devices are generally more sturdy, so you’ll only need one, and they take either one or multiple different coil types.

With this configuration, you have to change the coil every so often—every 1 to 2 weeks—on top of refilling the device. The upside to this type over the built-in coil configuration is that these coils tend to last slightly longer, by a few days. 

What vape juices can I use in a pod kit?

It’s worth taking a look through the options of E-Liquids available. 

For a pod kit, you will need juice that contains at least 50% or more of propylene glycol (PG). Any E-Liquid with more VG than PG is incompatible and will likely cause you to burn your coil. Yikes.

Nic salts, typically stronger for those looking for a nicotine replacement, are available in a range of flavours—fruity, savoury, and even tobacco flavoured!

For those looking to cut down on nicotine, there are 50/50 E-liquids that offer a good balance of both vapour production and flavour.

You can use both of these E-Liquid types in pod kits, so if you’re looking to quit smoking and reduce your nicotine intake over time, you won’t need to worry about buying a whole new device!

How to Use Your Amazing New Pod Kit

Can I vape while it's charging?

Depending on the battery in your device, you can charge your vape on the go! Most pod kits have a battery that is voltage compatible with portable chargers and USB plugs, meaning that if you are on the go a lot, you’ll always be ready to vape. 

There are some pod kits that offer what’s called “passthrough charging” (where you can vape while charging), though not every manufacturer and device does this.  The Elf Bar Mate 500 kit, for example, offers passthrough charging, while VooPoo devices like the VooPoo Vinci Q do not.

It isn’t recommended that you frequently use your vape while it’s on charge, however, as this can cause significant damage to the battery and alter your device’s lifespan. Still, using your device’s passthrough charging capabilities every so often won’t hurt.

Summary: Using Your New Pod Kit

It’s simple to keep your pod kit functioning properly. With a little effort, your vape will give a lot back! For those who want to switch from disposables, but don’t want the hassle of maintaining a full vape kit, a pod kit is definitely your best option.

By making sure your pod is correctly primed, filled with the correct E-liquid, and loaded up with a quick charge, you can vape away hassle-free.

You can look through the options and accessories at the best UK vape store to ensure that you’re looking after your pod kit correctly.

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