A Huge Warning for Vapers with Holiday Plans in 2022

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A Huge Warning for Vapers with Holiday Plans in 2022

Vapers are being warned that they could risk massive fines or even prison time if they aren’t careful during their summer holiday this year. Several popular holiday destinations have strict laws on vaping and nicotine E-Liquids, and breaking these rules could land you in prison.

Several of the world’s most popular holiday destinations—such as Thailand, Singapore, and Australia—have strict anti-vaping laws which could see unsuspecting vapers fined or even jailed.

It is imperative that you check your destination country’s laws before travelling, as you can be penalised for simply carrying E-Liquids into the country in your luggage.

Holiday Travel Warning

Which holiday destinations have vaping bans?

In Thailand, unsuspecting tourist can be fined up to ฿30,000 (nearly £700) or sent to prison for up to 10 years. That’s right—a decade in jail for vaping.

In Singapore, possession of an e-cigarette can land you a fine of S$2,000, which equates to almost £1,200.

And in Australia, where policymakers recently announced a crackdown on vapes with nicotine, you need a doctor’s prescription in order to carry a nicotine vape. You can be fined up to A$222,000 (over £126,000), and in some states, you can even be given prison time. Vapers should ensure that they do not carry any nicotine-containing E-Liquids into this popular holiday destination country.

Other countries who have banned vaping include Turkey, Japan, Brazil, the Seychelles, and Barbados. Plus, football fans with plans to attend the Qatar 2022 World Cup could get a fine of 10,000 SAR (over £2,200) or up to 3 months in prison for vaping.

How to Vape Safely While on Holiday

Since laws are constantly changing, it’s imperative to check the laws in your destination country (and if you’re travelling somewhere like America, you’ll need to check the state laws as well). Be sure to check close to your travel date to ensure that no new legislation can get in the way of your holiday plans.

When it comes to travelling, if you’re certain you’re able to bring your vape with you into your destination country, there are a few important things to keep in mind.

"No Vaping" Sign

#1. Don’t bring your expensive vape!

This should go without saying, but if you’re travelling abroad on holiday this summer, don’t bring your expensive vape with you. It’s best to opt for a cheap vape kit or several disposable vapes. Anything can happen—you could drop the vape in an ocean, forget it in a hotel, or it could be damaged in transit. Heck, it could even be confiscated at customs.

Regardless, it’s a good idea to take a cheaper vape with you if you’re travelling abroad.

#2. Bring your vape in your carry-on!

If you’re flying to your holiday destination, remember that it is illegal to pack vape batteries in your checked luggage. This is because lithium-ion batteries can become unstable at high altitudes, and if your battery were to explode or ignite in the cargo area of the plane, the battery would be unreachable by staff and the results could be disastrous.

Instead, most airlines request that you carry your vape on your person at all times, which means packing it in your carry-on. Your best bet is to remove your tank or pod from the device itself and carry these in a sealed bag. And if your vape uses external batteries (ones that you can take out), you should remove these and carry them on you alongside the device.

Most travelling vapers can attest that your pod or tank will leak while up in the air (it’s happened to me every time I’ve flown, even when I’ve emptied my tank), so if possible, you should most definitely empty your pod/tank before take-off.

It’s safe to store your E-Liquids in your checked luggage, but it’s a good idea to ensure they’re kept in a sealed bag to ensure there’s no leakage in transit.

#3. Don’t expect to buy vape supplies in your destination country!

Have you ever heard the adage, “Pack enough medication for the length of your stay, plus one week”? The same can be said about vape supplies, to some extent.

You shouldn’t expect to be able to freely purchase vaping supplies in your holiday destination country, not only because some countries have regulations banning sales, but also, because other countries have different regulations on the manufacture of E-Liquids.

The UK has some of the strictest rules surrounding E-Liquids, whereas other countries—like the US—may not have these regulations. This means that you cannot be certain of the safety or quality of the vape products you purchase on holiday.

Your best bet is to pack enough E-Liquids to last the length of your trip, plus a few days extra. You may find that vape supplies are hard to come by in your destination country, and if anything happens that prolongs your stay—be it a flight cancellation or a positive COVID test—you’ll be stuck without your nicotine.

If you want to ensure you’re not tempted to buy cigarettes—which will almost certainly be freely available in your destination country—you’ll need to plan ahead.

#4. Pack a backup!

So, you learned that vaping was legal in your holiday destination country—but you didn’t realise that importing wasn’t and your vapes were confiscated at customs. What do you do?

This may seem extreme, but if you want to keep yourself from smoking cigarettes, it’s a good idea to pack a backup nicotine delivery method—be that nicotine patches, lozenges, or gums.

You may be able to find these in your destination country, but this isn’t guaranteed.

If you’re unsure how you’ll fare bringing vape supplies to your holiday destination, you should make sure you pack a backup. Because, as we mentioned, cigarettes are likely to be freely available wherever you travel.

Vaping on Holiday


While you may not experience issues travelling to some popular holiday destination countries, others can land you a hefty fine—or even prison time.

In addition to taking the above steps while travelling, you must check your destination country’s vaping laws before setting off, as this could be the difference between a joyous holiday and a literal prison sentence.

For more world vaping news, be sure to stay tuned to the Vapour Hut blog.

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