Aquios Bar: The Great New Water-Based Phenomenon

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Aquios Bar Review

May 2022 saw the launch of the Aquios Bar: the first water based vaping device! With 10 flavours to chose from, let's take a look at this new statement in vaping.

The UK Vaper Expo at NEC Birmingham launched a first for vapers—the Aquios Bar: a first in water-based vaping. Aquios Labs‘ flagship product was available for hundreds to try for the first time, and we’re so excited to share our thoughts with you.

With 10 different flavours, this bar contains 600 puffs with 2ml of prefilled 20mg nic salts. This device is also a disposable vape, so simply unbox it and vape away!

Let’s take a further look at this unique product.

Top 3 Aquios Bar Flavours

#1: Tropical Fruit Ice Disposable Vape by Aquios Bar

tropical ice

Flavour: Tropical Fruit, Ice

A beautifully smooth flavour, the tropical fruit and subtle ice pair together very well. 

This flavour has a lovely aftertaste, not too intense either, so you’re not left with a chemical taste in your mouth for hours after. 

It’s definitely a flavour you’ll want to try as it’s not too sickly and has a great exhale. 


#2 Blueberry Bubble Gum Disposable Vape by Aquios Bar

blueberry bubble gum

Flavour: Blueberry, Bubble Gum

Another favourite with vapers, the Blueberry Bubble Gum flavour is a refreshing taste with a sweet aftertaste.

Reminiscent of after-school ice cream, this flavour will definitely make you feel nostalgic. 

This flavour works beautifully with the water base, for a subtle flavour and a strong vapour.


#3 Grape Ice Disposable Vape by Aquios Bar

grape ice

Flavour: Grape, Ice

Another popular flavour, the Grape Ice has a prominent fruity flavour. Like some of the other disposables in the Aquious Bar range, the ice flavouring is very subtle, which is great if like me, you’re not a fan of a too icy blast. 


Aquios Bar Review

The device itself is compact and fits well in your hand. It’s roughly the same size as a standard disposable vape, like an Elf Bar, and follows the same tube-like design.

A key feature with this vape is that its packaging is recyclable! The vape comes packaged in a small cardboard box, and inside the box the vape itself is in a paper wrapping. There’s also a handy little flyer, explaining how to correctly disassemble the bar to recycle correctly. 

Two out of four components are widely recycled, and the e-liquid reservoir can be taken to landfill. The top and the base of this device is made of silicone, which you will need to check with your local recycling scheme to see if they accept it.

aquios bar

Taking the device apart is very simple and can be done in mere moments. Once the vape is emptied (which you will know once you can no longer vape with it, and the LED light at the bottom of the vape will flash), you will need to start by simply popping off the silicone mouthpiece and base.

aquios bar
aquios bar

Once done, you will be able to gently push the internal components out through the top of the vape. You can then carefully pull the battery out, and the two black and red wires will disconnect from the e-liquid reservoir.

aquios bar
aquios bar

Once the red wire is cut, simply reapply the adhesive sticker, making sure that any remaining red wire is covered. Now that the process is complete, you can dispose of the parts: 

  • Lithium-ion batteries can be recycled at your nearest battery disposal point
  • The E-Liquid reservoir needs to be thrown away in landfill
  • The paper card shell can be widely recycled, so just pop it in your normal card recycling bin!
  • Silicone recycling can vary, so for the mouthpiece and base, make sure to check with your local recycling centre

The flavouring in the Aquios Bar is definitely subtler compared to other disposables, but provides a smooth inhalation every time. I did notice the flavour take a dip towards the end of its life, however.

The device does claim to have 600 puffs in it, but I found it to run out quite quickly, whilst another 600 puff bar (like an Elf Bar) lasts me around a day and a half, I found the Aquios bar to only last around 24 hours. This is, of course, subjective and depends on how much you personally vape per day.


Overall, I think this is a great device for those who aren’t heavy vapers, and/or the environmentally conscious. I’m really excited to see what else Aquios Labs will be releasing going forwards, as the concept is a huge plus for the vaping market.

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