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Here at the Vapour Hut, we strive to bring you quality vaping news, reviews, and guides & tutorials from across the global vaping industry. 

Our Mission

At the Vapour Hut, we want to give you easy access to all of the latest news and developments in the industry, written in plain English for everyone to understand. We want our content to be accessible to every vaper (and would-be vaper), no matter your experience level—so if you find any accessibility issues on our site, please reach out and let us know. 

The Vapour Hut is run by vaping enthusiasts, for vaping enthusiasts.

Above all else, we started this site to provide easy-to-read articles and reviews covering all the important parts of the industry, from new product releases to world vaping news. 

Ultimately, our mission is to help you get your vape news and find your ideal vaping products quickly, while saving you money in the process.

The Team

All of our writers are experienced, long-time vapers with a penchant for research and journalism. They love getting into the nitty-gritty of technological advancements in the industry, as well as health & science research related to vaping. 

Plus, our writers are experienced with all forms of vaping, from disposables and pod systems all the way up to sub-ohm mods and tanks. When it comes to reviews, you won’t find a more informed opinion anywhere else.

The Vapour Hut: Meet the Team

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